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A vue adaptation of paper.js
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Paper.js is a very useful tool for creating complicate canvas shapes and animations. But using paper.js for tasks such as data visualiztion is not very convenient, and could produce many redundant code lines. On the other hand, Vue is data-driven framework and it's extremely friendly to data related operations. By combining these two powerful tools result a really nice workflow for data visualization and lightweight data-driven animation editing. That's the purpose of paper-vueify.


The recommended way to install and maintain paper-vueify in your project is through the Node.js Pacakge Manager (NPM), simply type the npm command in your project folder:

npm install --save paper-vueify

If you are using typescript environment, you may also need to install paper's declaration files:

npm install --save-dev @types/paper


Vue only works properly with plain object, the library comes with a series of redefinition of basic paper object, and the parameters of each object is almost identical to the original.
To use paper-vueify, you may import component manually or use the installer to register all the components.

import Vue from 'vue'
import paper from 'paper'
import PaperVueify from 'paper-vueify'

// the install process register 3 components into the global scope, p-canvas, p-item and p-symbol-definition
// the secondary parameter paper is to register your paper variable in current scope, or there will be two seperated PaperScope and the p-canvas will not work properly.
Vue.use(PaperVueify, paper)


In demo folder, you can see some basic plays with paper-vueify. With the data-reactive framework, it's easy to create very complicate canvas structure and animation (Though, it's not very suitable for very large scale graphic project).
Use following command to build demo into the docs folder (for github pages).

npm run build:demo

Preview The demos come with the docs of this project, You can view the demos on my Github Pages.

And you may find the api reference here.


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for detail.

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