Teamspeak 3 server based on Debian Linux
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luzifer-docker / teamspeak3

This image contains a Teamspeak 3 server based on Debian Linux.


  • Debian
  • Teamspeak 3 Server
  • Some files can be injected to host:
    • files
    • licensekey.dat (Maybe, don't have one)
    • logs
    • query_ip_blacklist.txt
    • query_ip_whitelist.txt
    • ts3server.ini
    • .ts3server_license_accepted (Accept license - see "Create container" below)
    • ts3server.sqlitedb



The script does look for an sqlite db in the linked host-folder. If its found, a symlink is created to the ts3-folder inside the container. This means the server should use your old ts3 db if present. If not present it will create a new one, right now this will NOT be created under the linked host-folder! The problem here is i cant tell the TS3 server to create the db in specific folder. Creating a empty file and then linking this did not work either since TS3 is then complaining its no sqlite db.

Script will also look for ts3server.ini in linked host-folder. This file will also be created if its not found since TS3-server has a paramater for that. If you use your own ini-file you may want to link logs and other data to /teamspeak3. This way you can mount the directory and backup/persist the data even when upgrading.

The files-directory is also currently not persisted in the linked host-folder.

Build container (optional)

Just in case you dont wanna use the index.

$ docker build

Create container

This creates and starts a docker container in the background (-d) with direct mapping of the TS3 port (-p 9987:9987/udp) and sets the name to TS3. {FOLDER} is an absolute path on the host to be mapped by the containers /teamspeak3 folder. Injected files are used from this location, see Summary above.

Starting in version 3.1.0 Teamspeak needs you to accept the license included with the server. To accept the license pass -e TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept to the command or create a .ts3server_license_accepted file in your {FOLDER}.

To review the license execute this command:

$ docker run --rm --entrypoint /bin/cat luzifer/teamspeak3 /opt/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/LICENSE | less

Putting everything together this is how you will start your server:

# Optionally create license accept file
$ touch {FOLDER}/.ts3server_license_accepted

# Start container
$ docker run --name TS3 -d -e TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept -p 9987:9987/udp -v {FOLDER}:/teamspeak3 luzifer/teamspeak3

Admin Secret

After starting the container you probably want to get the Admin secret with:

$ docker logs TS3


Just stop and remove the old container, then start again at "Creating container". You may have to pull the image again if its not updating. CAUTION: Didnt test if all files are really persisted or if the TS3 process overwrites some files. So make sure you have a backup.