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A Gradle plugin to easily setup Java integration testing.
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Gradle integrations tests

Gradle integration tests is a plugin which helps in the setup of Java integration tests in Gradle.

Getting started

In order to use the plugin, have a look at its Gradle's plugin portal page


Using the plugin is seamless. Simply specify where your integration tests are located in relation to the project's src folder. This is done by writing something like this:

integrationTests {
    location = 'foo'

With this configuration, your integration tests must be located in src/foo.

Another possible configuration setting can be used to specify the JVM-based language in which the tests are written, so that the plugin can pick up the correct source directories.

For example, with a configuration such as:

integrationTests {
    location = 'bar'
    language = 'kotlin'

The picked up source directory will be located at src/bar/kotlin. The default language setting is java.

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