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This is the Mercury FeinCMS package

You should have installed FeinCMS (1.3)

in order to use this module, install it from git:

pip install -e

add it to your settings.yml

    # Mercury

    # FeinCMS

  # disable the tinymce init
  FEINCMS_RICHTEXT_INIT_TEMPLATE = 'admin/content/richtext/init_mercury.html' # Enable for mercury, instead of default tiny_mce

  # clean html from richeditor
  FEINCMS_TIDY_FUNCTION = 'mercury.utils.tidy'

add it to (for uploading images, and saving from frontend)

    # mercury
    url(r'^mercury/', include('mercury.urls')),

see the toolbar in the admin (only functional when editing pages) and enjoy frontend editing

Please note, this is a POC:
- saving in admin results in a javascript error after showing the resulting page. Reload to get rid of it.
- missing functionality in frontend: you cannot create, remove or re-order content-items (yet)
- saving from frontend is done in mercury/, should be done via FeinCMS forms! (E.G. validation, other functionality)
- admin saving is still done with the form, so no Mercury-save button is available (not very consistent)
Mercury can use some more functionality:
- moving of pictures/content
- not using spans for applying CSS classes
- resizing images