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Interactive Neural Machine Translation web demo

This is a web demo of an interactive, adaptive neural machine translation system.


The system follows a client-server architecture. Take a look here for a client website.

How to run a NMT server

In order to provide high response rate and translation speed, it is recommended that the server has a GPU available. By default, the server requires the InteractiveNMT branch from the Multimodal Keras Wrapper.

Run python3 --help for obtaining information about the options of the server.

We'll start the server in the localhost port 8001 from the address We'll use a dataset instance stored in datasets/Dataset.pkl and a model and config stored in trained_models:

python3 ./ --dataset datasets/Dataset.pkl --address --port=8001  
        --config trained_models/config.pkl --models trained_models/update_15000

Check out the demo!.

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