Remake of the classsic arcade game Donkey Kong (1981) for Roku streaming devices and TVs
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Donkey Kong for Roku

Remake of the classsic arcade game Donkey Kong (1981) for Roku streaming devices and TVs

Donkey Kong for Roku

After finishing the remake of two other classic games to Roku platform, Prince of Persia for Roku and Lode Runner for Roku, I decided to do the same with the original Arcade version of the iconic Donkey Kong. Different from the other two games, this time I want to remake the game not porting any part of the original code (Prince is mostly ported and Lode Runner has the AI ported). I'm developing it based on my observation of the game mechanics and the great amount of information available online, on sites like and that describes details of the game to help players develop strategies.

The current state of Alpha version 0.8 has most of the mechanics of the game ready, the levels and boards sequence is followed as the original Arcade, including the cut scenes. The Jumpman (original name of Mario) can walk, jump, get objects and die. Kong animations are in place, missing only the barrels randomization algorithm. The elevators (with some bugs) and conveyor belts behaviour are also implemented. Bonus countdown and high score records are fully working. You can check the Changelog to know more details or watch this YouTube video.

The missing features (and known bugs) are registered at the repository Issues backlog, but the key missing features are:

  • Mario get and use the hammer
  • Moving ladders (Conveyors board)
  • Random obstacles: barrels, fireballs, firefoxes, cement pies, springs
  • Settings: Starting Lives, Bonus Live points

Disclaimer: This source code shall not be used commercially or sold in any form, the objective of this project is educational.

Marcelo Lv Cabral

Twitter: @lvcabral