Tool to convert assets from Prince of Persia 1 (DOS) to png sprite sheets
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Prince of Persia Sprites Converter

This tool was developed to convert graphical assets from the Prince of Persia 1 game (DOS version) into modern transparent Sprite Sheets and Maps. The idea was to have a tool that could convert Mods generated by the PoP modding community to my Roku version of the game.

The input for the tool is the set of files exported by the PR tool (see links below), that convert the original .dat files into .bmp (images) and .pal (palette) files. The output is a set of individual frames organized in folders and the sprite sheets with its correspondent .json maps.


popsc <PR resources path> <sprites output path> [-wda]

Optional parameter:
-wda : Convert VPALACE wall images using wall-drawing algorithm mode

This tool requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 and incorporates code from the SpriteSheetPacker project (link below).