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BrightScript 2D API Emulator as a Multiplatform Desktop Application
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BrightScript 2D API Emulator - Desktop App

This project was created to build a multiplatform desktop application for the BrightScript 2D API emulator, please follow the link below to visit the emulator repository and read about the project features (and limitations):

The binaries of this application are released together with the emulator library at:


Color Themes

Screen Themes

Remote Control Emulation

Command Line Options

Here are optional arguments you can use when starting the emulator at the command line:

"BrightScript Emulator" [[-o] <filePath>] [-f | --fullscreen] [-d | --devtools]
Argument Description
-o <filePath> or <filePath> Opens a .zip or .brs when starting the emulator.
-f or --fullscreen Opens the emulator in full screen mode (double-click screen to restore).
-d or --devtools Opens the developer tools when starting the emulator.

Author Links


Copyright © 2019 Marcelo Lv Cabral. All rights reserved.

Licensed under MIT License.

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