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Emulator Limitations

This emulator is still a prototype, this way, there are several features from the BrightScript language and components that are not supported, or partially supported, some are planned to be implemented, others will stay as mock objects (for compatibility), and some are considered out of scope of this project. Below is the current list of those limitations:

In Scope (to be developed/fixed)

  • Usage of @ to access attributes from roXMLElements is not supported.
  • The roXMLElements component is read-only once you parsed a XML string. The add* and set* methods are not implemented yet.
  • Unlike in Roku the emulator file system is case sensitive, so for now make sure your code use the correct case when dealing with files.
  • Goto, Stop and End statements are not supported.
  • Usage of colon to do for or while loops in one line is not working. e.g. while r.IsMatch(s): s = r.Replace(s, "\1,\2"): end while.
  • Trailing colon on a line generates an exception.
  • It's not possible to compare roUniversalControlEvent to an integer (implicit GetInt()).
  • The global AA (root m object) is not accessible from a global function called inside an AA method.
  • The component roAppManager is not implemented yet.
  • The component roUrlTransfer is not implemented yet.
  • The component roInput (for ECP support) is not implemented yet.
  • Reserved words like Mod cannot be used as function parameters (Roku does allow that).
  • The Dim statement cannot create multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Multi-dimensional arrays cannot be accessed as array[x,y] use the notation array[x][y] instead.
  • Return Invalid from a function explicitly declared as Object doesn't work, use Dynamic or remove type declaration.
  • Send Invalid on a function parameter when it explicitly defines the type, generates an error. If Invalid is possible remove type declaration.
  • Positive literal number cannot be represented with plus sign. For example a = [-1, +1]
  • An if statement with not before a logic comparison expression shows an error. For example if not foo = 1, to avoid use if not (foo = 1) instead.
  • Usage of next <variable> is not supported.

In Scope (mocked)

  • Audio playback is not supported yet, for now roAudioPlayer and roAudioResource are mocked.
  • RAF (Roku Ads Framework) object Roku_Ads() is mocked with the most common methods available.
  • Channel Store components (roChannelStore and roChannelStoreEvent) are mocked.

Out of Scope

  • RSG (Roku SceneGraph) SDK support.
  • Video playback or streaming.
  • SDK 1.0 deprecated components.
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