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Non-backward compatible changes:
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-786. Exception in ZooKeeper.toString
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1191. Synchronization issue - wait not in guarded block (Alex Shraer via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1192. Leader.waitForEpochAck() checks waitingForNewEpoch instead of checking electionFinished (Alex Shraer via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1203. Zookeeper systest is missing Junit Classes
(Prashant Gokhale via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1174. FD leak when network unreachable (Ted Dunning via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1206. Sequential node creation does not use always use
digits in node name given certain Locales. (Mark Miller via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1212. stop action is not conformat with LSB
para 20.2 Init Script Actions (Roman Shaposhnik via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1190. ant package is not including many of the bin scripts
in the package ( for example) (Eric Yang via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1241. Typo in ZooKeeper Recipes and Solutions
documentation (Jingguo Yao via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1220. ./ 'create' command is throwing
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (kavita sharma via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1256. ClientPortBindTest is failing on Mac OS X
(Daniel Gómez Ferro via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1264. FollowerResyncConcurrencyTest failing intermittently. (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1246. Dead code in PrepRequestProcessor catch Exception block. (camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1271. testEarlyLeaderAbandonment failing on solaris -
clients not retrying connection (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1264. FollowerResyncConcurrencyTest failing
intermittently. (breed, camille and Alex Shraer via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1282. not following Zab 1.0 protocol -
setCurrentEpoch should be done upon receipt of NEWLEADER
(before acking it) and not upon receipt of UPTODATE (breed via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1291. AcceptedEpoch not updated at leader before it proposes the epoch to followers. (Alex Shraer via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1208. Ephemeral node not removed after the client session is long gone. (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1239. add logging/stats to identify fsync stalls. (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1311. ZooKeeper test jar is broken (Ivan Kelly via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1305. zookeeper.c:prepend_string func can dereference null ptr.
(Daniel Lescohier via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1262. Documentation for Lock recipe has major flaw.
(Jordan Zimmerman via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1316. zookeeper_init leaks memory if chroot is just '/'.
(Akira Kitada via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1315. zookeeper_init always reports sessionPasswd=<hidden>.
(Akira Kitada via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1317. Possible segfault in zookeeper_init. (Akira Kitada via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1319. Missing data after restarting+expanding a cluster.
(phunt and breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1269. Multi deserialization issues. (Camille Fournier via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1323. c client doesn't compile on freebsd
(michi mutsuzaki via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1333. NPE in FileTxnSnapLog when restarting a cluster.
(Patrick Hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1331. Typo in docs: acheive -> achieve (Andrew Ash via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1089. status does not work due to invalid
option of nc (Roman Shaposhnik via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1343. getEpochToPropose should check if lastAcceptedEpoch is greater or equal than epoch (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1050. zooinspector shell scripts do not work
(Will Johnson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1294. One of the zookeeper server is not accepting any requests (Kavita Sharma via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1358. In, testNextDoesNotSleepForZero tests that
doesn't sleep by checking that the latency of this call is less than 10sec (Alex Shraer via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1351. invalid test verification in MultiTransactionTest (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-973. bind() could fail on Leader because it does not
setReuseAddress on its ServerSocket (Harsh J via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1367. Data inconsistencies and unexpired ephemeral nodes after cluster restart.
(Benjamin Reed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1353. C client test suite fails consistently. (Clint Byrum
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1373. Hardcoded SASL login context name clashes with Hadoop security
configuration override. (Eugene Koontz and Thomas Weise via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1352. server.InvalidSnapshotTest is using connection timeouts
that are too short. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1336. javadoc for multi is confusing, references functionality that doesn't seem
to exist. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1327. there are still remnants of hadoop urls. (Harsh J via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1340. multi problem - typical user operations are generating ERROR level
messages in the server (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1374. C client multi-threaded test suite fails to compile
on ARM architectures. (James Page via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1337. multi's "Transaction" class is missing tests. (camille
and phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1338. class cast exceptions may be thrown by multi ErrorResult
class (invalid equals) (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1386. avoid flaky URL redirection in "ant javadoc" :
replace "" with
"" (Eugene Koontz via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1361. Leader.lead iterates over 'learners' set without proper synchronisation (henryr via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1277. servers stop serving when lower 32bits of zxid roll
over (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1412. java client watches inconsistently triggered on
reconnect (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1344. ZooKeeper client multi-update command is not
considering the Chroot request (Rakesh R via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1307. is exiting when an Invalid ACL exception is
thrown from setACL command through client (Kavita Sharma via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1390. some expensive debug code not protected by a check
for debug (breed via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1406. dpkg init scripts don't restart - missing
check_priv_sep_dir (Chris Beauchamp via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1403. script quoting issue (James Page via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1384. test-cppunit overrides LD_LIBRARY_PATH and fails if
gcc is in non-standard location (Jay Shrauner via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1419. Leader election never settles for a 5-node cluster (flavio via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1433. improve ZxidRolloverTest (test seems flakey) (phunt via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1395. node-watcher double-free redux (Mike Lundy via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1439. c sdk: core in log_env for lack of checking the output
argument *pwp* of getpwuid_r (Yubing Yin via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1339. C client doesn't build with --enable-debug
(Eric Liang via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1048. addauth command does not work in cli_mt/cli_st
(allengao via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1318. In Python binding, get_children (and get and exists, and probably others)
with expired session doesn't raise exception properly (henryr via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-642. "exceeded deadline by N ms" floods logs (Marc Celani via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1431. zkpython async calls leak memory (Kapil Thangavelu and Andre Cruz via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1163. Memory leak in zk_hashtable.c:do_insert_watcher_object()
(Anupam Chanda via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1466. QuorumCnxManager.shutdown missing synchronization. (Patrick Hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1490. If the configured log directory does not exist
zookeeper will not start. Better to create the directory and start
(suja s via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1210. Can't build ZooKeeper RPM with RPM >= 4.6.0 (i.e. on
RHEL 6 and Fedora >= 10) (Tadeusz Andrzej Kadłubowski via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1236. Security uses proprietary Sun APIs
(Adalberto Medeiros via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1471. Jute generates invalid C++ code
(Michi Mutsuzaki via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1465. Cluster availability following new leader election
takes a long time with large datasets - is correlated to dataset size
(fpj and Thawan Kooburat via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1427. Writing to local files is done non-atomically (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1489. Data loss after truncate on transaction log (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1521. LearnerHandler initLimit/syncLimit problems
specifying follower socket timeout limits (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1493. C Client: zookeeper_process doesn't invoke
completion callback if zookeeper_close has been called
(Michi Mutsuzaki via phunt and mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1522. intermittent failures in Zab test due to NPE in
recursiveDelete test function (phunt via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-1514. FastLeaderElection - leader ignores the round
information when joining a quorum (flavio via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1533 Correct the documentation of the args for the JavaExample doc.
(Warren Turkal via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1536 c client : memory leak in winport.c (brooklin via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1481 allow the C cli to run exists with a watcher (phunt via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1328. Misplaced assertion for the test case 'FLELostMessageTest'
and not identifying misfunctions. (Rakesh R via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1380. zkperl: _zk_release_watch doesn't remove items properly from
the watch list. (Botond Hejj via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1538. Improve space handling in and (Andrew
Ferguson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1501. Nagios plugin always returns OK when it cannot connect to
zookeeper. (Brian Sutherland via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1437. Client uses session before SASL authentication complete
(Eugene Koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1494. C client: socket leak after receive timeout in
zookeeper_interest() (Michi Mutsuzaki via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1483. Fix leader election recipe documentation (Michi Mutsuzaki
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1496. Ephemeral node not getting cleared even after client has
exited. (Rakesh R via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1550. ZooKeeperSaslClient does not finish anonymous login on
OpenJDK (Eugene Koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1170. Fix compiler (eclipse) warnings: unused imports,
unused variables, missing generics (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-96. The jute parser should get generated from the jj files
instead of checking in the generated sources (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1175. DataNode references parent node for no reason
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-899. Update Netty version in trunk to 3.2.2
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1182. Make findbugs usable in Eclipse (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1184. jute generated files are not being cleaned up via "ant clean"
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1176. Remove dead code and basic cleanup in DataTree
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-556. Startup messages should account for common error of
missing leading slash in config files (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1155. Add windows automated builds (CI) for zookeeper c client bindings. (Dheeraj Agrawal via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1226. extract version check in separate method in PrepRequestProcessor (Thomas Koch via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1193. Remove upgrade code (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1221. Provide accessors for Request.{hdr|txn} (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1216. Fix more eclipse compiler warnings, also in Tests
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1254. test correct watch handling with multi ops
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1252. remove unused method o.a.z.test.AxyncTest.restart()
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1200. Remove obsolete DataTreeBuilder
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1247. dead code in PrepRequestProcessor.pRequest multi case
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1265. Normalize switch cases lists on request types
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1267. closeSession flag in finalRequestProcessor is superfluous
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1273. Copy'n'pasted unit test (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1232. remove unused o.a.z.server.util.Profiler
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1253. return value of DataTree.createNode is never used
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-756. some cleanup and improvements for zooinspector
(Colin Goodheart-Smithe & Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1292. FLETest is flaky (flp via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1326. The CLI commands "delete" and "rmr" are confusing.
Can we have "rm" + "rmr" instead? (Harsh J via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1342. quorum Listener & LearnerCnxAcceptor are missing
thread names (Rakesh R via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1229. C client hashtable_remove redundantly calls hash function
(Harsh J via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1345. Add a .gitignore file with general exclusions and
Eclipse project files excluded (Harsh J via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1293. Remove unused readyToStart from
(Alex Shraer via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1322. Cleanup/fix logging in Quorum code.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1321. Add number of client connections metric in JMX and
srvr. (Neha Narkhede via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1389. it would be nice if start-foreground used exec $JAVA
in order to get rid of the intermediate shell process
(Roman Shaposhnik via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1161. Provide an option for disabling auto-creation of the
data directory (phunt via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-1397. Remove BookKeeper documentation links. (flavio via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1377. add support for dumping a snapshot file content (similar to LogFormatter). (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-271. Better command line parsing in ZookeeperMain.
(Hartmut Lang via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1435. cap space usage of default log4j rolling policy (phunt via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1432. Add javadoc and debug logging for checkACL() method in
PrepRequestProcessor (Eugene Koontz via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1411. Consolidate membership management, distinguish between static and dynamic configuration parameters (Alex Shraer via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1451. C API improperly logs getaddrinfo failures on Linux when using glibc (Stephen Tyree via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1440. Spurious log error messages when QuorumCnxManager is shutting
down (Jordan Zimmerman via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1454. Document how to run autoreconf if cppunit is
installed in a non-standard directory (Michi Mutsuzaki via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1503. remove redundant JAAS configuration code in SaslAuthTest and
SaslAuthFailTest (Eugene Koontz via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1510. Should not log SASL errors for non-secure usage
(Todd Lipcon via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1497. Allow server-side SASL login with JAAS configuration
to be programmatically set (rather than only by reading JAAS
configuration file) (Matteo Bertozzi via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1238. Linger time should be -1 for Netty sockets. (Skye
W-M via henryr)
Release 3.4.0 -
Non-backward compatible changes:
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-735. cppunit test testipv6 assumes that the machine is ipv6
enabled. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-720. Use zookeeper-{version}-sources.jar instead of
zookeeper-{version}-src.jar to publish sources in the Maven repository
(paolo via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-722. uses sh's builtin echo on BSD, behaves
incorrectly. (Ivan Kelly via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-741. root level create on REST proxy fails (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-631. zkpython's C code could do with a style clean-up
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-746. learner outputs session id to log in dec (phunt via
ZOOKEEPER-738. zookeeper.jute.h fails to compile with -pedantic
(Jozef Hatala via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-734. and
do not handle windows path correctly (Vishal K via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-754. numerous misspellings "succesfully"
(Andrei Savu via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-749. OSGi metadata not included in binary only jar (phunt
via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-750. move maven artifacts into "dist-maven" subdir of the
release (package target) (phunt via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-758. zkpython segfaults on invalid acl with missing key
(Kapil Thangavelu via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-737. some 4 letter words may fail with netcat (nc). (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-764. Observer elected leader due to inconsistent voting view
(henry via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-763. Deadlock on close w/ zkpython / c client
(henry via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-774. Recipes tests are slightly outdated: they do not compile
against JUnit 4.8 (Sergey Doroshenko via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-772. zkpython segfaults when watcher from async get children is
invoked. (henry via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-636. has instructions which override the contents of
CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS. (Maxim P. Dementiev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-796. should support an external PIDFILE variable
(Alex Newman via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-719. Add throttling to BookKeeper client (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-814. monitoring scripts are missing apache license headers
(andrei savu via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-783. committedLog in ZKDatabase is not properly synchronized
(henry via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-790. Last processed zxid set prematurely while establishing
leadership (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-795. eventThread isn't shutdown after a connection
"session expired" event coming (Sergey Doroshenko and Ben via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-792. zkpython memory leak (Lei Zhang via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-854. BookKeeper does not compile due to changes in the ZooKeeper
code (Flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-861. Missing the test SSL certificate used for running junit tests.
(erwin tam via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-867. ClientTest is failing on hudson - fd cleanup (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-785. Zookeeper 3.3.1 shouldn't infinite loop if someone creates a
server.0 line (phunt and Andrei Savu via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-785. Zookeeper 3.3.1 shouldn't infinite loop if someone creates a
server.0 line (part 2) (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-870. Zookeeper trunk build broken. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-831. BookKeeper: Throttling improved for reads (breed via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-846. zookeeper client doesn't shut down cleanly on the close call
ZOOKEEPER-804. c unit tests failing due to "assertion cptr failed" (michi
mutsuzaki via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-844. handle auth failure in java client
(Camille Fournier via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-822. Leader election taking a long time to complete
(Vishal K via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-866. Hedwig Server stays in "disconnected" state when
connection to ZK dies but gets reconnected (erwin tam via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-881. ZooKeeperServer.loadData loads database twice
(jared cantwell via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-855. clientPortBindAddress should be clientPortAddress
(Jared Cantwell via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-888. c-client / zkpython: Double free corruption on
node watcher (Austin Shoemaker via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-893. ZooKeeper high cpu usage when invalid requests
(Thijs Terlouw via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-804. c unit tests failing due to "assertion cptr failed"
(second try - Jared Cantwell via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-820. update c unit tests to ensure "zombie" java server
processes don't cause failure (Michi Mutsuzaki via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-794. Callbacks are not invoked when the client is closed
(Alexis Midon via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-800. zoo_add_auth returns ZOK if zookeeper handle is in
ZOO_CLOSED_STATE (michi mutsuzaki via mahadev konar)
ZOOKEEPER-904. super digest is not actually acting as a full superuser
(Camille Fournier via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-897. C Client seg faults during close (jared cantwell via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-898. C Client might not cleanup correctly during close
(jared cantwell via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-907. Spurious "KeeperErrorCode = Session moved" messages (vishal k via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-884. Remove LedgerSequence references from BookKeeper documentation and comments in tests (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-916. Problem receiving messages from subscribed channels in c++ client (ivan via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-930. Hedwig c++ client uses a non thread safe logging library (ivan via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-900. FLE implementation should be improved to use non-blocking sockets (vishal via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-937. test -e not available on solaris /bin/sh (Erik Hetzner via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-905. enhance for easier zookeeper automation-izing (Nicholas Harteau via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-913. Version parser fails to parse "3.3.2-dev" from build.xml (Anthony Urso and phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-957. doesn't do anything (Ted Dunning via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-958. Flag to turn off autoconsume in hedwig c++ client (Ivan Kelly
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-882. Startup loads last transaction from snapshot (j:ared via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-962. leader/follower coherence issue when follower is receiving a DIFF
(camille fournier via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-902. Fix findbug issue in trunk "Malicious code vulnerability"
(flavio and phunt via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-985. Test BookieRecoveryTest fails on trunk. (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-983. running start remotely using ssh hangs (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-976. ZooKeeper startup script doesn't use JAVA_HOME (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-994 "eclipse" target in the build script doesnot include
libraray required for test classes in the classpath (MIS via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1013 usage message should mention all startup options
(eugene koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1007. iarchive leak in C client (jeremy stribling via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-993. Code improvements (MIS via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-1012. support distinct JVMFLAGS for zookeeper server in
and zookeeper client in (Eugene Koontz via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-880. QuorumCnxManager$SendWorker grows without bounds (vishal via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1018. The connection permutation in get_addrs uses a weak and inefficient
shuffle (Stephen Tyree via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1028. In python bindings, zookeeper.set2() should return a stat dict but
instead returns None. (Chris Medaglia and Ivan Kelly via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-975. new peer goes in LEADING state even if ensemble is online. (vishal via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-1049. Session expire/close flooding renders heartbeats to delay significantly.
(chang song via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1033. c client should install includes into INCDIR/zookeeper, not INCDIR/c-client-src
(Nicholas Harteau via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1061. Zookeeper stop fails if start called twice. (Ted Dunning via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1059. stat command isses on non-existing node causes NPE. (Bhallamudi Kamesh via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1058. fix typo in opToString for getData. (camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1046. Creating a new sequential node results in a ZNODEEXISTS error. (Vishal K via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1069. Calling shutdown() on a QuorumPeer too quickly can lead to a corrupt log. (Vishal K via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1083. Javadoc for WatchedEvent not being generated. (Ivan Kelly via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1086. zookeeper test jar has non mavenised dependency. (Ivan Kelly via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-335. zookeeper servers should commit the new leader txn to their logs. (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1081. modify leader/follower code to correctly deal with new leader (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1082. modify leader election to correctly take into account current epoch (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1060. QuorumPeer takes a long time to shutdown (Vishal via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-1087. ForceSync VM arguement not working when set to "no" (Nate Putnam via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1068. Documentation and default config suggest incorrect
location for Zookeeper state (Roman Shaposhnik via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1103. In QuorumTest, use the same "for ( .. try { break }
catch { } )" pattern in testFollowersStartAfterLeaders as in
testSessionMove. (Eugene Koontz via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1046. Creating a new sequential node results in a ZNODEEXISTS error. (breed via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1097. Quota is not correctly rehydrated on snapshot reload (camille via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-1046. Small fix: Creating a new sequential node results in a ZNODEEXISTS error. (Vishal K via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-782. Incorrect C API documentation for Watches. (mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1063. Dubious synchronization in Zookeeper and ClientCnxnSocketNIO classes (Yanick Dufresne via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1124. Multiop submitted to non-leader always fails due to timeout (Marshall McMullen via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1111. JMXEnv uses System.err instead of logging
(Ivan Kelly via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1027. chroot not transparent in zoo_create() (Thijs Terlouw via
ZOOKEEPER-1109. Zookeeper service is down when SyncRequestProcessor meets
any exception. (Laxman via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1134. ClientCnxnSocket string comparison using == rather than equals.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1119. zkServer stop command incorrectly reading comment lines in
zoo.cfg (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1090. Race condition while taking snapshot can lead to not restoring data tree correctly (Vishal K via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1138. release audit failing for a number of new files. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1139. jenkins is reporting two warnings, fix these (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1142. incorrect stat output (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1144. ZooKeeperServer not starting on leader due to a race condition (Vishal K via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-839. deleteRecursive does not belong to the other methods.
ZOOKEEPER-1146. significant regression in client (c/python) performance.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1150. fix for this patch to compile on windows. (dheeraj
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1055. check for duplicate ACLs in addACL() and create().
(Eugene Koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1141. zkpython fails tests under python 2.4. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1025. zkCli is overly sensitive to to spaces. (Laxman via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1117. zookeeper 3.3.3 fails to build with gcc >= 4.6.1 on
Debian/Ubuntu (James Page via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1140. server shutdown is not stopping threads. (laxman via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1051. SIGPIPE in Zookeeper 0.3.* when send'ing after
cluster disconnection (Stephen Tyree via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1168. ZooKeeper fails to run with IKVM (Andrew Finnell via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1165. better eclipse support in tests (Warren Turkal via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1154. Data inconsistency when the node(s) with the highest zxid is not present at the time of leader election. (Vishal Kathuria via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1156. Log truncation truncating log too much - can cause data loss. (Vishal Kathuria via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1160. test timeouts are too small (breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-731. Zookeeper#delete , #create - async versions miss a verb in the javadoc. (Thomas Koch via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-1108. Various bugs in zoo_add_auth in C. (Dheeraj Agrawal via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-981. Hang in zookeeper_close() in the multi-threaded C client.
(Jeremy Stribling via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1125. Intermittent java core test failures. (Vishar Kher via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-961. Watch recovery after disconnection when connection string contains a prefix.
(Matthias Spycher via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1136. NEW_LEADER should be queued not sent to match the Zab 1.0 protocol
on the twiki (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1189. For an invalid snapshot file(less than 10bytes size) RandomAccessFile
stream is leaking. (Rakesh R via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1185. Send AuthFailed event to client if SASL authentication fails.
(Eugene Kuntz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1181. Fix problems with Kerberos TGT renewal.
(Eugene Koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1268. problems with read only mode, intermittent test failures
and ERRORs in the log (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1270. testEarlyLeaderAbandonment failing intermittently,
quorum formed, no serving. (Flavio, Camille and Alexander Shraer via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1299. Add winconfig.h file to ignore in release audit. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1354. AuthTest.testBadAuthThenSendOtherCommands fails intermittently (phunt via camille)
ZOOKEEPER-724. Improve junit test integration - log harness information
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-766. forrest recipes docs don't mention the lock/queue recipe
implementations available in the release (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-769: Leader can treat observers as quorum members
(Sergey Doroshenko via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-788: Add server id to message logs
(Ivan Kelly via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-789. Improve FLE log messages (flavio via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-798. Fixup loggraph for FLE changes (Ivan Kelly via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-797 c client source with AI_ADDRCONFIG cannot be compiled with
early glibc (Qian Ye via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-790. Last processed zxid set prematurely while establishing leadership
(fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-821. Add ZooKeeper version information to zkpython (Rich
Schumacher via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-765. Add python example script (Travis and Andrei via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-809. Improved REST Interface (Andrei Savu via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-733. use netty to handle client connections (breed and phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-853. Make zookeeper.is_unrecoverable return True or False
in zkpython (Andrei Savu via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-864. Hedwig C++ client improvements (Ivan Kelly via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-862. Hedwig created ledgers with hardcoded Bookkeeper ensemble and
quorum size. Make these a server config parameter instead. (Erwin T via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-926. Fork Hadoop common's and modify for Zookeeper.
ZOOKEEPER-909. Extract NIO specific code from ClientCnxn
(Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-908. Remove code duplication and inconsistent naming in
ClientCnxn.Packet creation (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-836. hostlist as string. (Thomas Koch via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-921. zkPython incorrectly checks for existence of required
ACL elements (Nicholas Knight via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-963. Make Forrest work with JDK6 (Carl Steinbach via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-500. Async methods shouldnt throw exceptions (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-977. passing null for path_buffer in zoo_create (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-465. Ledger size in bytes. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-980. allow configuration parameters for
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1042. Generate zookeeper test jar for maven installation
(ivan kelly via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1030: Increase default for maxClientCnxns
(Todd Lipcon via breed/mahadev/phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-850: Switch from log4j to slf4j (Olaf Krische via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-874. FileTxnSnapLog.restore does not call listener (diogo via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-1052. Findbugs warning in (fpj via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-1094. Small improvements to LeaderElection and Vote classes (henryr via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1074. is missing nohup/sleep, which are necessary
for remote invocation. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-965. Need a multi-update command to allow multiple znodes to be updated safely (Marshall McMullen and Ted Dunning via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1073. address a documentation issue in ZOOKEEPER-1030. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1095. Simple leader election recipe
(Eric Sammer via henry and phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1076. some quorum tests are unnecessarily extending QuorumBase (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1143. quorum send & recv workers are missing thread names
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1104. CLONE - In QuorumTest, use the same "for ( .. try { break }
catch { } )" pattern in testFollowersStartAfterLeaders as in testSessionMove.
(Eugene Koontz via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1034. perl bindings should automatically find the zookeeper
c-client headers (nicholas harteau via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1166. Please add a few svn:ignore properties (via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1169. Fix compiler (eclipse) warnings in (generated) jute
code (Thomas Koch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1171. fix build for java 7 (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1201. Clean (Thomas Koch
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-729. Java client API to recursively delete a subtree.
(Kay Kay via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-747. Add C# generation to Jute (Eric Hauser via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-464. Need procedure to garbage collect ledgers
(erwin via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-773. Log visualisation (Ivan Kelly via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-744. Add monitoring four-letter word (Andrei Savu via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-712. Bookie recovery. (erwin tam via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-799. Add tools and recipes for monitoring as a contrib
(Andrei Savu via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-808. Web-based Administrative Interface
(Andrei Savu via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-775. A large scale pub/sub system (Erwin, Ivan and Ben via
ZOOKEEPER-1020. Implement function in C client to determine which host you're currently connected to. (stephen tyree via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-1038. Move bookkeeper and hedwig code in subversion (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-784. Server-side functionality for read-only mode (Sergey Doroshenko via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-992. MT Native Version of Windows C Client (Dheeraj Agrawal via michim)
ZOOKEEPER-938. Support Kerberos authentication of clients. (Eugene Koontz
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-1152. Exceptions thrown from handleAuthentication can cause buffer corruption issues in NIOServer. (camille via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-999. Create an package integration project (Eric Yang via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1107. automating log and snapshot cleaning (Laxman via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1153. Deprecate AuthFLE and LE. (Flavio Junqueira via mahadev)
Release 3.3.0 - 2010-03-24
Non-backward compatible changes:
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-59. Synchronized block in NIOServerCnxn (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-524. DBSizeTest is not really testing anything (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-469. make sure CPPUNIT_CFLAGS isn't overwritten
(chris via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-471. update zkperl for 3.2.x branch (chris via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-470. include unistd.h for sleep() in c tests (chris via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPR-460. bad testRetry in cppunit tests (hudson failure)
(giri via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-467. Change log level in BookieHandle. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-482. ignore sigpipe in testRetry to avoid silent immediate
failure. (chris via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-487. setdata on root (/) crashes the servers (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-457. Make ZookeeperMain public, support for HBase (and other)
embedded clients (ryan rawson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-481. Add lastMessageSent to QuorumCnxManager. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-479. QuorumHierarchical does not count groups correctly
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-466. crash on zookeeper_close() when using auth with empty cert
(Chris Darroch via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-480. FLE should perform leader check when node is not leading and
add vote of follower (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-491. Prevent zero-weight servers from being elected.
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-447. doesn't allow different config files to be
specified on the command line (henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-493. patch for command line setquota (steve bendiola via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-311. handle small path lengths in zoo_create()
(chris barroch via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-484. Clients get SESSION MOVED exception when switching from
follower to a leader. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-490. the java docs for session creation are misleading/incomplete
ZOOKEEPER-501. CnxManagerTest failed on hudson. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-499. electionAlg should default to FLE (3) - regression
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-477. is flaky (fernando via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-498. Unending Leader Elections : WAN configuration
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-508. proposals and commits for DIFF and Truncate messages from the
leader to the followers is buggy. (mahadev and ben via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-518. DEBUG message for outstanding proposals in leader should be
moved to trace. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-533. ant error running clean twice (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-535. ivy task does not enjoy being defined twice
(build error) (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-420. build/test should not require install in zkpython
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-538. zookeeper.async causes python to segfault
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-542. c-client can spin when server unresponsive (Christian
Wiedmann via mahadev)
ZOOKEEEPER-510. zkpython lumps all exceptions as IOError, needs specialized
exceptions for KeeperException types (henry & pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-541. zkpython limited to 256 handles (henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-554. zkpython can segfault when statting a deleted node
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-512. FLE election fails to elect leader (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-563. ant test for recipes is broken. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-562. c client can flood server with pings if tcp send queue
filled. (ben reed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-537. The zookeeper jar includes the java source files
(Thomas Dudziak via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-551. unnecessary SetWatches message on new session.
(phunt via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-566. "reqs" four letter word (command port) returns no information
(phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-567. javadoc for getchildren2 needs to mention "new in 3.3.0"
(phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-547. Sanity check in QuorumCnxn Manager and quorum communication
port. (mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-532. java compiler should be target Java 1.5
(hiram chirino and phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-519. Followerhandler should close the socket if it gets an exception
on a write. (mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-570. AsyncHammerTest is broken, callbacks need to validate rc
parameter (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-3. syncLimit has slightly different comments in the class header,
and > inline with the variable. (mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-576. docs need to be updated for session moved exception and how
to handle it (breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-582. ZooKeeper can revert to old data when a snapshot is created
outside of normal processing (ben reed and mahadev via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-597. ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk
(Patrick Hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-598. LearnerHandler is misspelt in the thread's constructor
(Henry Robinson via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-597. ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk (take 2)
ZOOKEEPER-597. ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk
(take 3) (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-597. ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk
(take 4) (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-597. ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk
(take 5) (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-611. hudson build failiure (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-611. hudson build failure (take 2) (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-615. wrong javadoc for create with a sequence flag
(mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-588. remove unnecessary/annoying log of tostring error in
Request.toString() (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-587. client should log timeout negotiated with server
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-610. cleanup final fields, esp those used for locking
(phunt via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-614. Improper synchronisation in getClientCnxnCount
(henry via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-609. ObserverTest failure "zk should not be connected expected not
same" (henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-630. Trunk has duplicate files
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-627. zkpython arbitrarily restricts the size of a 'get' to 512
bytes (henry robinson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-534. The test target in contib/bookkeeper does not depend on jar
target. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-623. ClientBase in bookkeeper.util requires junit (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-600. TODO pondering about allocation behavior in zkpython may be
removed (gustavo via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-596. The last logged zxid calculated by zookeeper servers could
cause problems in leader election if data gets corrupted. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-637. Trunk build is failing (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-637. Trunk build is failing - second patch (breed via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-644. Nightly build failed on hudson. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-651: Log exception trace in QuorumCnxManager.SendWorker
(flavio via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-608. Receipt of ACK from observer should not be logged as ERROR
(henry via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-647. hudson failure in testLeaderShutdown (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-574. the documentation on snapcount in the admin guide has the
wrong default (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-656. SledgeHammer test - deprecated (kay kay via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-413. two flaws need addressing in the c tests that can cause false
positive failures (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-495. c client logs an invalid error when zookeeper_init is called
with chroot (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-589. When create a znode, a NULL ACL parameter cannot be accepted.
(breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-673. Fix observer documentation regarding leader election (flavio
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-672. typo nits across documentation (Kay Kay via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-668. Close method in LedgerInputStream doesn't do anything (flavio
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-569. Failure of elected leader can lead to never-ending leader
election (henry via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-669. watchedevent tostring should clearly output the
state/type/path (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-683. LogFormatter fails to parse transactional log files (phunt
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-682. Event is not processed when the watcher is set to watch "/"
if chrooted (Scott Wang via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-687. LENonterminatetest fails on some machines. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-681. Minor doc issue re unset maxClientCnxns (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-622. Test for pending watches in send_set_watches should be moved
(ben and steven via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-689. release build broken - ivysettings.xml not copied during
"package" (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-59. Synchronized block in NIOServerCnxn (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-691. Interface changed for NIOServer.Factory (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-685. Race in LENonTerminateTest (henry via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-677. c client doesn't allow ipv6 numeric connect string
(breed & phunt & mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-693. TestObserver stuck in tight notification loop in FLE
(flavio via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-696. NPE in the hudson logs, seems nioservercnxn closed twice
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-511. bad error handling in FollowerHandler.sendPackets
(mahadev via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-604. zk needs to prevent export of any symbol not listed in their
api (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-121. SyncRequestProcessor is not closing log stream during
shutdown (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-698. intermittent JMX test failures due to not verifying QuorumPeer
shutdown (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-121_2. SyncRequestProcessor is not closing log stream during
shutdown (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-121_3. SyncRequestProcessor is not closing log stream during
shutdown (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-121_4. SyncRequestProcessor is not closing log stream during
shutdown (mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-586. c client does not compile under cygwin (phunt, mahadev, breed via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-624. The C Client cause core dump when receive error data from
Zookeeper Server (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-591. The C Client cannot exit properly in some situation (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-591_2. The C Client cannot exit properly in some situation
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-709. bookkeeper build failing with missing factory
ZOOKEEPER-708. zkpython failing due to undefined symbol
deallocate_String_vector (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-436. Bookies should auto register to ZooKeeper (erwin tam & fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-710. permanent ZSESSIONMOVED error after client app reconnects to zookeeper cluster (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-718. the fatjar is missing libraries (ben via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-717. add a preferred list to the instancemanager (breed via
ZOOKEEPER-473. cleanup junit tests to eliminate false positives due to
"socket reuse" and failure to close client (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-488. Fix to add clover.jar in classpath
(Giridharan Kesavan via gkesavan)
ZOOKEEPER-516. add support for 10 minute test ie "pre-commit" test (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-529. Use Ivy to pull dependencies and also generate pom (phunt
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-530. Memory corruption: Zookeeper c client IPv6 implementation
does not honor struct sockaddr_in6 size (isabel drost via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-549. Refactor Followers and related classes into a Peer->Follower
hierarchy in preparation for Observers (henry robinson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-472. Making DataNode not instantiate a HashMap when the node is
ephmeral (Erik Holstad via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-425. Add OSGi metadata to zookeeper.jar (david bosschaert via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-599. Changes to FLE and QuorumCnxManager to support Observers
(fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-506. QuorumBase should use default leader election (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-633. Fetch netty using ivy for bookkeeper (giri via fpj)
ZOOKEEPER-544. improve client testability - allow test client to access
connected server location (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-426. Windows versions of zookeeper scripts
(David Bosschaert via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-638. upgrade ivy to 2.1.0 final from 2.1.0 release
candidate (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-648. Fix releaseaudit warning count to zero (phunt via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-626. ensure the c/java cli's print xid/sessionid/etc... in hex
(pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-655. StringBuffer -> StringBuilder - conversion of references as
necessary (Kay Kay via henry)
ZOOKEEPER-612. Make Zookeeper C client can be compiled by gcc of early
version (qian via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-456. CREATOR_ALL_ACL has unnecessary PERMS.ADMIN in the
declartion. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-593. java client api does not allow client to access negotiated
session timeout (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-507. BookKeeper client re-write (Utkarsh and ben via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-665. Add BookKeeper streaming documentation (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-664. BookKeeper API documentation (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-607. improve bookkeeper overview (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-485. Need ops documentation that details supervision of ZK server
processes. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-658. update forrest docs - AuthFLE no longer supported (flavio via
ZOOKEEPER-640. make build.xml more configurable to ease packaging for linux
distros (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-579. zkpython needs more test coverage for ACL code paths (henry
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-688. explain session expiration better in the docs & faq (phunt
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-663. hudson failure in ZKDatabaseCorruptionTest (mahadev via henryr)
ZOOKEEPER-543. Tests for ZooKeeper examples (steven via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-692. upgrade junit to latest version (4.8.1) (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-601. allow configuration of session timeout min/max bounds (phunt
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-539. generate eclipse project via ant target. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-555. Add stat information to GetChildrenResponse. (Arni Jonson and
phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-550. Java Queue Recipe. (steven cheng via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-368. Observers: core functionality (henry robinson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-496. zookeeper-tree utility for export, import and incremental
updates (anirban roy via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-572. add ability for operator to examine state of watches
currently registered with a server (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-678. Gui browser application to view and edit the contents of a
zookeeper instance (Colin Goodheart-Smithe via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-635. Server supports listening on a specified network address (phunt via breed)
Release 3.2.0 - 2009-06-30
Non-backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-444. perms definition for PERMS_ALL differ in C and java (mahadev)
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-303. Bin scripts dont work on a Mac. (tom white via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-330. zookeeper standalone server does not startup with just a
port and datadir. (chris darroch and mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-319. add locking around auth info in zhandle_t.
(chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-320. call auth completion in free_completions().
(chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-334. bookkeeper benchmark ( has compiling errors.
(flavio and mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-281. autoreconf fails for /zookeeper-3.0.1/src/c/ (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-318. remove locking in zk_hashtable.c or add locking in
collect_keys() (chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-333. helgrind thread issues identified in mt c client code
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-309. core dump using zoo_get_acl() (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-341. regression in QuorumPeerMain,
tickTime from config is lost, cannot start quorum (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-360. WeakHashMap in causes NPE (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-362. Issues with FLENewEpochTest. (fix bug in Fast leader election)
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-363. NPE when recovering ledger with no hint. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-370. Fix critical problems reported by findbugs.
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-347. zkfuse uses non-standard String. (patrick hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-355. make validatePath non public in Zookeeper client api.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-374. Uninitialized struct variable in C causes warning which
is treated as an error (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-337. improve logging in leader election lookForLeader method when
address resolution fails (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-367. RecoveryTest failure - "unreasonable length" IOException
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-346. remove the kill command fro mthe client port.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-377. running ant cppunit tests, a failure still results in
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (giri via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-382. zookeeper cpp tests fails on 64 bit machines with gcc 4.1.2
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-365. javadoc is wrong for setLast in LedgerHandle
(flavio via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-392. Change log4j properties in bookkeeper. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-400. Issues with procedure to close ledger. (flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-405. nullpointer exception in zookeeper java shell.
(mahadev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-410. address all findbugs warnings in client/server classes.
(phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-403. cleanup javac compiler warnings. (flavio via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-407. address all findbugs warnings in
org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.** packages.
(flavio via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-411. Building zookeeper fails on RHEL 5 64 bit during test-cppunit
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-402. zookeeper c library segfaults on data for a node in zookeeper
being null. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-415. zookeeper c tests hang. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-385. crctest failed on hudson patch test (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-192. trailing whitespace in config file can cause number format
exceptions (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-409. address all findbugs warnings in jute related classes
(phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-416. bookkeeper jar includes unnnecessary files.
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-419. Reference counting bug in Python bindings causes abort errors
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-421. zkpython is missing #!
(henry robinson via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-406. address all findbugs warnings in persistence classes.
(phunt et al via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-435. allow "super" admin digest based auth to be configurable
(phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-375. zoo_add_auth only retains most recent auth on re-sync.
ZOOKEEPER-433. getacl on root znode (/) fails. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-408. address all findbugs warnings in persistence classes.
(phunt, mahadev, flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-427. ZooKeeper server unexpectedly high CPU utilisation
(Sergey Zhuravlev via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-446. some traces of the host auth scheme left (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-438. addauth fails to register auth on new client that's not yet
connected (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-448. png files do nto work with forrest. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-417. stray message problem when changing servers
(breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-449. sesssionmoved in java code and ZCLOSING in C have the same
value. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-452. zookeeper performance graph should have percentage of reads
rather than percentage of writes - zkperfRW-3.2.jpg (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-450. emphemeral cleanup not happening with session timeout.
(breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-453. Worker is not removed in QuorumCnxManager upon crash.
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-454. allow compilation with jdk1.5 (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-455. zookeeper c client crashes with chroot specified in the string.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-468. avoid compile warning in send_auth_info().
ZOOKEEPER-308. improve the atomic broadcast performance 3x.
(breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-326. standalone server ignores tickTime configuration.
(chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-279. Allow specialization of quorum config parsing
(e.g. variable expansion in zoo.cfg) (Jean-Daniel Cryans via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-351. to run checkstyle (giridharan kesavan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-350. to run rats for releaseaudit.
(giridharan kesavan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-352. to add standard ant targets required by script
(giridharan kesavan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-353. javadoc warnings needs to be fixed.
(giridharan kesavan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-354. to fix javadoc warning in the source files. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-349. to automate patch testing. (giridharan kesavan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-288. Cleanup and fixes to BookKeeper (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-305. Replace timers with semaphores in FLENewEpochTest.
(flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-60. Get cppunit tests running as part of Hudson CI.
(girish via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-343. add tests that specifically verify the zkmain and
qpmain classes. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-361. integrate cppunit testing as part of hudson patch process.
(giri via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-373. One thread per bookie (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-384. keeper exceptions missing path (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-380. bookkeeper should have a streaming api so that its easier to
store checpoints/snapshots in bookkeeper. (mahadev via flavio)
ZOOKEEPER-389. add help/usage to the c shell cli.c (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-376. ant test target re-compiles cppunit code every time
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-391. bookeeper mainline code should not be calling
printStackTrace. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-300. zk jmx code is calling printStackTrace when creating bean
name (should not be) (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-94. JMX tests are needed to verify that the JMX MBeans work
properly (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-404. nightly build failed on hudson.
(henry robinson and pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-345. the CLIs should allow addAuth to be invoked.
(henry robinson via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-292. commit configure scripts (autotools) to svn for c projects and
include in release (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-383. Asynchronous version of createLedger(). (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-358. Throw exception when ledger does not exist. (flavio via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-431. Expose methods to ease ZK integration. (Jean-Daniel via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-396. race condition in zookeeper client library between
zookeeper_close and zoo_synchronous api. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-196. doxygen comment for state argument of watcher_fn typedef and
implementation differ (" of the *_STATE constants, otherwise -1")
(breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-336. single bad client can cause server to stop accepting
connections (henry robinson via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-434. the java shell should indicate connection status on command
prompt (henry robinson via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-437. Variety of Documentation Updates (grant via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-443. trace logging in watch notification not wrapped with
istraceneabled - inefficient (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-432. Various improvements to zkpython bindings.
(henry via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-428. logging should be makred as warn rathen than error in
NIOServerCnxn. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-422. Java CLI should support ephemeral and sequential node creation
(henry via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-315. add forrest docs for bookkeeper. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-329. document how to integrate 3rd party authentication into ZK
server ACLs. (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-356. Masking bookie failure during writes to a ledger
(flavio via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-327. document effects (latency) of storing large amounts of data
in znodes. (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-264. docs should include a state transition diagram for client
state (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-440. update the performance documentation in forrest
(breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-371. jdiff documentation included in build/release (giri via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-78. added a high level protocol/feature - for easy Leader
Election or exclusive Write Lock creation (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-29. Flexible quorums (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-378. perl binding for zookeeper (chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-386. improve java cli shell. (henry robinson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-36. REST access to ZooKeeper (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-395. Python bindings. (henry robinson via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-237. Add a Chroot request (phunt and mahadev)
Release 3.1.0 - 2009-02-06
Non-backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-255. zoo_set() api does not return stat datastructure.
(avery ching via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-246. review error code definition in both source and docs.
(pat via mahadev)
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-211. Not all Mock tests are working (ben via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-223. change default level in root logger to INFO.
(pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-212. fix the snapshot to be asynchronous. (mahadev and ben)
ZOOKEEPER-213. fix programmer guide C api docs to be in sync with latest
zookeeper.h (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-219. fix events.poll timeout in watcher test to be longer.
(pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-217. Fix errors in config to be thrown as Exceptions. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-228. fix apache header missing in DBTest. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-218. fix the error in the barrier example code. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-206. documentation tab should contain the version number and
other small site changes. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-226. fix exists calls that fail on server if node has null data.
ZOOKEEPER-204. SetWatches needs to be the first message after auth
messages to the server (ben via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-208. Zookeeper C client uses API that are not thread safe,
causing crashes when multiple instances are active.
(austin shoemaker, chris daroch and ben reed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-227. gcc warning from recordio.h (chris darroch via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-232. fix apache licence header in TestableZookeeper (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-249. QuorumPeer.getClientPort() always returns -1.
(nitay joffe via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-248. QuorumPeer should use Map interface instead of HashMap
implementation. (nitay joffe via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-241. Build of a distro fails after clean target is run.
(patrick hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-245. update readme/quickstart to be release tar, rather than
source, based (patrick hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-251. NullPointerException stopping and starting Zookeeper servers
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-250. isvalidsnapshot should handle the case of 0 snapshot
files better. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-265. remove (deprecate) unused NoSyncConnected from KeeperState.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-273. Zookeeper c client build should not depend on CPPUNIT. (pat
and runping via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-268. tostring on jute generated objects can cause NPE. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-267. java client incorrectly generating syncdisconnected event when in disconnected state. (pat via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-263. document connection host:port as comma separated list in forrest docs (pat via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-275. Bug in FastLeaderElection. (flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-272. getchildren can fail for large number of children. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-16. Need to do path validation. (pat, mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-252. PurgeTxnLog is not handling the new dataDir directory
structure (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-291. regression for legacy code using KeeperException.Code
constants (due to 246). (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-255. zoo_set() api does not return stat datastructure.
(avery ching via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-293. zoo_set needs to be abi compatible (3.1 changed the
signature), fix this by adding zoo_set2 (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-302. Quote values in JMX objectnames. (tom and pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-64. Log system env information when initializing server and
client (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-243. add SEQUENCE flag documentation to the programming guide.
(patrick hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-161. Content needed: "Designing a ZooKeeper Deployment"
(breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-247. fix formatting of C API in ACL section of programmer guide.
(patrick hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-230. Improvements to FLE. (Flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-225. c client should log an info message in zookeeper_init
detailing connection parameters. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-222. print C client log message timestamp in human readable
form. (pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-256. support use of JMX to manage log4j configuration at runtime.
(pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-214. add new "stat reset" command to server admin port.
(pat via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-258. docs incorrectly state max client timeout as 60 seconds
(it's based on server ticktime). (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-135. Fat jar build target. (phunt and breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-234. Eliminate using statics to initialize the sever. Should
allow server to be more embeddable in OSGi enviorments. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-259. cleanup the logging levels used (use the correct level)
and messages generated. (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-210. Require Java 6. (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-177. needed: docs for JMX (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-253. documentation of DataWatcher state transition is misleading
regarding auto watch reset on reconnect. (phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-269. connectionloss- add more documentation to detail. (phunt and
flavio via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-260. document the recommended values for server id's
(mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-215. expand system test environment (breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-229. improve documentation regarding user's responsibility to
cleanup datadir (snaps/logs) (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-69. ZooKeeper logo
ZOOKEEPER-286. Make GenerateLoad use InstanceContainers. (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-220. programming guide watches section should clarify
server/clientlib role in data/child watch maint. (breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-289. add debug messages to nioserver select loop. (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-276. Bookkeeper contribution (Flavio and Luca Telloli via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-231. Quotas in ZooKeeper. (mahadev)
Release 3.0.0 - 2008-10-21
Non-backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-43. Server side of auto reset watches. (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-132. Create Enum to replace CreateFlag in ZooKepper.create
method (Jakob Homan via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-139. Create Enums for WatcherEvent's KeeperState and EventType
(Jakob Homan via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-18. keeper state inconsistency (Jakob Homan via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-38. headers (version+) in log/snap files (Andrew Kornev and Mahadev
Konar via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-8. Stat enchaned to include num of children and size
ZOOKEEPER-6. List of problem identifiers in zookeeper.h
ZOOKEEPER-7. Use enums rather than ints for types and state
(Jakob Homan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-27. Unique DB identifiers for servers and clients
ZOOKEEPER-32. CRCs for ZooKeeper data
ZOOKEEPER-33. Better ACL management
Backward compatible changes:
ZOOKEEPER-203. fix datadir typo in releasenotes (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-145. write detailed release notes for users migrating from 2.x
to 3.0 (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-23. Auto reset of watches on reconnect (breed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-191. forrest docs for upgrade. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-201. validate magic number when reading snapshot and transaction
logs (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-200. the magic number for snapshot and log must be different
(currently same) (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-199. fix log messages in persistence code (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-197. create checksums for snapshots (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-198. apache license header missing from
ZOOKEEPER-5. Upgrade Feature in Zookeeper server. (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-194. Fix terminology in zookeeperAdmin.xml
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-151. Document change to server configuration
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-193. update java example doc to compile with latest zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-187. CreateMode api docs missing (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-186. add new "releasenotes.xml" to forrest documentation
ZOOKEEPER-190. Reorg links to docs and navs to docs into related sections
(robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-189. forrest build not validated xml of input documents
(robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-188. Check that election port is present for all servers
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-185. Improved version of FLETest (Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-184. tests: An explicit include derective is needed for the usage
of memcpy(), memset(), strlen(), strdup() and free() functions
(Maxim P. Dementiev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-183. Array subscript is above array bounds in od_completion(),
src/cli.c. (Maxim P. Dementiev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-182. zookeeper_init accepts empty host-port string and returns
valid pointer to zhandle_t. (Maxim P. Dementiev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-17. zookeeper_init doc needs clarification (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-181. Some Source Forge Documents did not get moved over:
javaExample, zookeeperTutorial, zookeeperInternals (robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-180. Placeholder sections needed in document for new topics that
the umbrella jira discusses (robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-179. Programmer's Guide "Basic Operations" section is missing
content (robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-178. FLE test. (Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-159. Cover two corner cases of leader election
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-156. update programmer guide with acl details from old wiki page
ZOOKEEPER-154. reliability graph diagram in overview doc needs context
ZOOKEEPER-157. Peer can't find existing leader (Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-155. improve "the zookeeper project" section of overview doc
ZOOKEEPER-140. Deadlock in QuorumCnxManager (Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-147. This is version of the documents with most of the [tbd...]
scrubbed out (robbie via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-150. zookeeper build broken (mahadev via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-136. sync causes hang in all followers of quorum. (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-134. findbugs cleanup (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-133. hudson tests failing intermittently (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-144. add tostring support for watcher event, and enums for event
type/state (Jakob Homan via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-21. Improve zk ctor/watcher (state transition) docs (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-142. Provide Javadoc as to the maximum size of the data byte
array that may be stored within a znode (Jakob Homan via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-93. Create Documentation for Zookeeper (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-117. threading issues in Leader election (fpj via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-137. client watcher objects can lose events (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-131. Old leader election can elect a dead leader over and over
again (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-130. update build.xml to support apache release process
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-118. findbugs flagged switch statement in (Flavio Paiva Junqueira via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-115. Potential NPE in QuorumCnxManager
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-114. cleanup ugly event messages in zookeeper client
(Jakob Homan)
ZOOKEEPER-112. src/java/main has test code embedded into it.
ZOOKEEPER-39. Use Watcher objects rather than boolean on read operations.
(Andrew Kornev)
ZOOKEEPER-97. supports optional output directory in code generator. (Hiram
Chirino via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-101. Integrate ZooKeeper with "violations" feature on hudson
ZOOKEEPER-105. Catch Zookeeper exceptions and print on the stderr.
(Anthony Urso via Mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-42. Change Leader Election to fast tcp. (Flavio Paiva Junqueira
via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-48. auth_id now handled correctly when no auth ids present
(Benjamin Reed via phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-44. Create sequence flag children with prefixes of 0's so that
they can be lexicographically sorted. (Jakob Homan via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-108. Fix sync operation reordering on a Quorum.
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira via Mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-25. Fuse module for Zookeeper. (Swee Lim, Bart, Patrick Hunt and
Andrew Kornev via Mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-58. Race condition on (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-56. Add clover support to build.xml. (Patrick Hunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-75. register the ZooKeeper mailing lists with (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-54. remove sleeps in the tests. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-55. build.xml failes to retrieve a release number from SVN and
the ant target "dist" fails (Andrew Kornev)
ZOOKEEPER-89. invoke WhenOwnerListener.whenNotOwner() when the ZK
connection fails (james strachan)
ZOOKEEPER-90. invoke WhenOwnerListener.whenNotOwner() when the ZK
session expires and the znode is the leader (james strachan)
ZOOKEEPER-82. Make the ZooKeeperServer more DI friendly. (Hiram Chirino via
ZOOKEEPER-110. Build script relies on svnant, which is not compatible
with subversion 1.5 working copies (Jakob Homan)
ZOOKEEPER-111. Significant cleanup of existing tests. (Patrick Hunt via
ZOOKEEPER-122. Fix NPE in jute's Utils.toCSVString. (Anthony Urso via
ZOOKEEPER-123. Fix the wrong class is specified for the logger. (Jakob Homan
via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-2. Fix synchronization issues in QuorumPeer and FastLeader
election. (Flavio Paiva Junqueira via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-125. Remove unwanted class declaration in FastLeaderElection.
(Flavio Paiva Junqueira via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-61. Address (remove) use of sleep(#) in client/server test cases.
ZOOKEEPER-75. cleanup the library directory (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-109. cleanup of NPE and Resource issue nits found by static
analysis (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-76. Commit 677109 removed the cobertura library, but not the
build targets. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-63. Race condition in client close() operation. (phunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-70. Add skeleton forrest doc structure for ZooKeeper (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-79. Document jacob's leader election on the wiki recipes page
(Flavio Junqueira)
ZOOKEEPER-73. Move ZK wiki from SourceForge to Apache (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-72. Initial creation/setup of ZooKeeper ASF site. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-71. Determine what to do re ZooKeeper Changelog(s) (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-68. parseACLs in fails to parse elements of ACL,
should be lastIndexOf rather than IndexOf (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-130. update build.xml to support apache release process.
(phunt via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-131. Fix Old leader election can elect a dead leader over and over
again. (breed via mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-137. client watcher objects can lose events (Patrick Hunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-117. threading issues in Leader election (Flavio Junqueira and
Patrick Hunt via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-128. test coverage on async client operations needs to be improved
ZOOKEEPER-127. Use of non-standard election ports in config breaks services
(Mark Harwood and Flavio Junqueira via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-53. tests failing on solaris. (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-172. FLE Test (Flavio Junqueira via breed)
ZOOKEEPER-41. Sample startup script (mahadev)
ZOOKEEPER-33. Better ACL management (Mahadev Konar)
ZOOKEEPER-49. SetACL does not work (breed)
ZOOKEEPER-20. Child watches are not triggered when the node is deleted
ZOOKEEPER-15. handle failure better in build.xml:test (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-11. ArrayList is used instead of List (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-45. Restructure the SVN repository after initial import (phunt)
ZOOKEEPER-1. Initial ZooKeeper code contribution from Yahoo! (phunt)
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