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The visibility time can be adjusted with `LV_TEXTAREA_DEF_PWD_SHOW_TIME)` in `lv_conf.h`.

### Text alignment

To align the text in the Text area ` lv_textarea_set_align(textarea, LV_TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT/RIGHT/CENTER)` needs to be used instead of setting the `text_align` style property.

### Accepted characters
You can set a list of accepted characters with `lv_textarae_set_accepted_chars(textarea, "0123456789.+-")`.
Other characters will be ignored.

### Max text length
The maximum number of characters can be limited with `lv_textarea_set_max_length(textarea, max_char_num)`

### Very long texts
If there is a very long text in the Text area (e. g. > 20k characters), scrolling and drawing might be slow.
However, by enabling `LV_LABEL_LONG_TXT_HINT 1` in `lv_conf.h` the performance can be hugely improved.
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