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(ns lvh.regex-crossword.slices)
(defn hex-row-counts
"Given a hex puzzle, count the number of elements in each row."
[{:keys [x-patterns y-patterns z-patterns :as puzzle]}]
(let [cols (count x-patterns)
bottom-half (-> y-patterns count (quot 2) (take (range (dec cols) 0 -1)))]
(concat (reverse bottom-half) [cols] bottom-half)))
(defn ^:private nth*
"Like [[clojure.core/nth]] but returns nil on IndexOutOfBoundsException."
[& args]
(try (apply nth args) (catch IndexOutOfBoundsException e nil)))
(def ^:private northeast
"Heading southwest on an even-r offset hex grid. See [[forward-slices]]."
(cycle [[-1 0] [-1 1]]))
(def ^:private southwest
"Heading southwest on an even-r offset hex grid. See [[forward-slices]]."
(cycle [[1 -1] [1 0]]))
(defn forward-slices
"Take forward slices (think forward slash: /) out of a hex grid."
;; Idea: start at the middle row, grow outwards. We're taking forward
;; slices (think forward slash, /) here, so we're on the NE-to-SW axis. This
;; means increasing X axis in the default game orientation.
;; Example board:
;; A B C D E
;; F G H I J K ⤢
;; L M N O P
;; A B C
;; D E F G
;; H I J K L
;; M N O P
;; Q R S
;; The math here gets tricky. for
;; details.
;; Try not to think "x" and "y" even though the game does that. The hex grid
;; doesn't have those coordinates so it gets confusing. We're dealing with a
;; seq of rows (increasing y coordinate in the game), first coordinate is the
;; row, second is index within the row. That's the opposite
;; convention (vertical first) from the above source, so our coordinates will
;; be flipped.
;; This is an even-r horizontal layout, so going NE means [-1 0] on
;; odd rows, [-1 +1] on even rows. Going SW means [+1 -1] on odd rows, [+1 0]
;; on even ones. Because of symmetry, the median row is always odd.
(let [middle-idx (-> rows count (quot 2))
middle-row (nth rows middle-idx)
get-elem (fn [[row-idx col-idx]]
(let [row (nth* rows row-idx)
;; Our grid is hexagon shaped but we're storing it as a
;; rows-cols seq-of-seqs, so the outer rows "start" at
;; zero but are really centered. This computes that
;; centering offset.
col-offset (-> row-idx (- middle-idx) Math/abs (quot 2))]
(nth* row (- col-idx col-offset))))]
(for [col (range (count middle-row))
:let [base-pos [middle-idx col]
base (get-elem base-pos)
walk-until-edge (fn [direction] (->> direction
(reductions (partial map +) base-pos)
rest ;; don't include base
(map get-elem)
(take-while some?)))
ne-path (walk-until-edge northeast)
sw-path (walk-until-edge southwest)]]
;; We reverse the ne-path because the algorithm walks from the base out,
;; but we're returning the results from NE to SW.
(concat (reverse ne-path) [base] sw-path))))
(def backward-slices
"Like [[forward-slices]], but NW-SE oriented (think backslash: \\)."
(comp forward-slices reverse))
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