Arduino Matrix RGB serial protocol and Python client
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Arduino Matrix RGB serial protocol for ElecFreaks RGB Matrix Shield

ElecFreaks RGB Matrix Shield

Load Arduino Sketch

First download Colorduino Interface Library for Arduino

git clone

Copy the lib to Arduino libraries dir

sudo cp -r libraries/Colorduino /usr/share/arduino/libraries/

Then build and upload the Arduino sketch. I use inotool for that

ino build && ino upload

Test the matrix

Run matrix module in Shell mode

$ matrix/ /dev/ttyACM0

Welcome to matrix shell
Autocompletion and history are enabled

    serial    (object)  serial = Serial()
    matrix    (object)  matrix = Matrix(serial)
    demo      (object)  demo = Demo(matrix)

Try the demo:



Set red the led 0,0

>>> matrix.set_pos(x=0, y=0)
>>> matrix.set_color(r=15, g=0, b=0)
>>> matrix.fill()

Set blue the led 1,1 in one step

>>> matrix.set(x=1, y=1, r=0, g=0, b=15)

Showing actual state

>>> matrix
xy(1, 1) rgb(0, 0, 15) obj:led page:fg reset:off

Clear the actual page

>>> matrix.clear_all()

Drawing in background page

>>> matrix.set_page_bg()
>>> matrix.set_rand_color()
(9, 9, 14)
>>> matrix.set_rand_pos()
(6, 0)
>>> matrix
xy(6, 0) rgb(9, 9, 14) obj:led page:bg reset:off
>>> matrix.fill()
>>> matrix.flip()

Drawing a row of leds

>>> matrix.set_obj_row()
>>> matrix.fill()
>>> matrix.flip()

Changing between pages

>>> matrix.flip()

Reset the matrix to default values and draw a square

>>> matrix.reset()
>>> matrix.set_rand_color()
(2, 6, 9)
>>> matrix.square(x=0, y=0, size=8)

Little full example: forever random dots

>>> import time
>>> while True
...   matrix.clear_all()
...   for i in range(10):
...      matrix.set_rand_all()
...      matrix.fill()
...      time.sleep(.5)
((7, 2), (2, 6, 0))
((7, 7), (12, 6, 10))
((4, 3), (4, 0, 7))
((1, 0), (5, 2, 8))
((7, 0), (13, 4, 13))

Autocomplete and help

Just type matrix.[TAB][TAB] to see all methods

>>> matrix.
matrix.b                  matrix.rect(
matrix.clear(             matrix.reset(
matrix.clear_all(         matrix.serial
matrix.clear_all_bg(      matrix.set(
matrix.clear_all_fg(      matrix.set0(
matrix.clear_col(         matrix.set_color(
matrix.clear_col_bg(      matrix.set_debug_off(
matrix.clear_col_fg(      matrix.set_debug_on(
matrix.clear_led(         matrix.set_obj_all(
matrix.clear_led_bg(      matrix.set_obj_col(
matrix.clear_led_fg(      matrix.set_obj_led(
matrix.clear_row(         matrix.set_obj_row(
matrix.clear_row_bg(      matrix.set_page_bg(
matrix.clear_row_fg(      matrix.set_page_fg(
matrix.fill(              matrix.set_pos(
matrix.fill_all(          matrix.set_rand_all(
matrix.fill_all_bg(       matrix.set_rand_color(
matrix.fill_all_fg(       matrix.set_rand_pos(
matrix.fill_col(          matrix.set_rand_rgb(
matrix.fill_col_bg(       matrix.set_rand_x(
matrix.fill_col_fg(       matrix.set_rand_xy(
matrix.fill_led(          matrix.set_rand_y(
matrix.fill_led_bg(       matrix.set_reset_off(
matrix.fill_led_fg(       matrix.set_reset_on(
matrix.fill_row(          matrix.set_rgb(
matrix.fill_row_bg(       matrix.set_rgb0(
matrix.fill_row_fg(       matrix.set_xy(
matrix.flip(              matrix.square(
matrix.g                  matrix.x
matrix.line_horizontal(   matrix.y

Then use the help function

>>> help(matrix.set0)

Help on method set0 in module matrix.matrix:

set0(self, x=0, y=0, r=0, g=0, b=0) method of matrix.matrix.Matrix instance
    Sets the state (xyrgb) and fill the actual object,
    0 by default


Open a serial monitor for Arduino and set the debug on to enable verbosity

>>> matrix.set_debug_on()