Simple GTK Image Viewer for shell lovers
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vimg: Simple GTK Image Viewer for shell lovers.

Common use:

vimg                    # view all images in current dir
vimg image.png          # view just image.png
vimg dir/*.png          # view all png images in dir
vimg dir                # view all images in dir
vimg -r dir             # view recursively all images in dir


Normal Mode:

Space,j        next image
Backspace,k    previous image
i              show/hide info
m              add/remove image from memory list
o              next image in memory list
p              previous image in memory list
e              edit current image with external editor (see below)
q              quit
f              enter/exit fullscreen mode
:              enter to command mode

Fullscreen Mode:

j              scroll down
k              scroll up
h              scroll left
l              scroll right

Command Mode:

:cp  <target>  copy current image to directory or filename
:mcp <target>  copy all images in memory to directory
:q             quit
Esc            return to normal mode

Setting external editor:

vimg uses the environment variable VIMG_EDITOR to set the external editor:

export VIMG_EDITOR=/usr/bin/gimp