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jDBI is designed to provide convenient tabular data access in Java(tm). It uses the Java collections framework for query results, provides a convenient means of externalizing sql statements, and provides named parameter support for any database being used.

Updated documentation and fixed concurrency flaw

- added copyright notice
- changed documentation:

  So it's recommended not to use the same mapper for queries returning
  different sets of columns.<br/>
  So you must not use the same mapper for queries returning different sets of

- fixed concurrency flaw implementing the AtomicReference on the columns map.
  I took example from here:

I tested it on my application and it works fine.
Didn't test for concurrency though, but for my understanding now it should be fine.
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Luigi R. Viggiano authored
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jDBI provides a convenience interface for SQL operations in Java. It is not
intended as an abstraction layer, but rather a library which makes the common
things easy and the hard things possible, to paraphrase Larry Wall.

Documentation is at

There is a mailing list at
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