CropImage Activity from Gallery.apk packaged as a reusable Android library (4.0 and up).

Android CropImage


The CropImage activity extracted from Gallery.apk (AOSP 4.4.4). Compatible with Android API Level 15 and up.

Android Studio and Gradle

The project was created with Android Studio and uses the Gradle build system.

Intent-based API

The CropImage activity is controlled by an Intent-based API. Please use the wrapper class CropImageIntentBuilder for a type-safe interface.

Example Project

It is contained inside the CropImageExample module.

Gradle Repository

There's a Gradle repository available at

In your top-level build.gradle add the address of the Maven repository to the repositories section so that it looks like:

repositories {

    maven {
        url ''

Then add the dependency to your dependencies section:

compile ''

For more information see the CropImageRepo example (the project doesn't do anything, it only shows how to pull the dependency through Gradle).