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Component plugin for wintersmith
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Component plugin for wintersmith.

HEY! Component is not maintained anymore and neither is this module!


Using wintersmith:

$ wintersmith plugin install component

Using npm:

$ npm install wintersmith-component


TODO docs. For now, see the example directory.


Specify options under the component key of your config.

defaults =
  dev: env.mode == 'preview'        # include development dependencies
  sourceUrls: env.mode == 'preview' # add @sourceURLs for easy debugging
  src: '.'                          # location of base component.json
  js: 'build/build.js'              # path to JS output
  css: 'build/build.css'            # path to CSS output
  urlPrefix: '..'                   # prefix CSS urls
  use: []                           # array of builder.js plugins†

list of component builder plugins

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