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Originally a golfing language, now it's primary use is for data storage.
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This is not necessarily a golfing language.

java -jar majc.jar -i (.hm file location)

A tutorial will be added later.

How to program in Majc

How to parse Majc in Java

After v4, developers can parse Majc code in their Java programs.

Majc majc = new Majc("your Majc code here", workingFile);
majc.interpret(0, false);

The workingFile field is the file where the Majc code is at.
hashmap.registerDefaultFunctions(); adds the default builtin functions such as the io library, so it's optional.
hashmap.interpret(0, false); Starts interpreting the Majc code from the start. The false specifies that the interpretation should not loop (to allow while statements).

Simple programs

You may add new programs here with pull requests.

Simple decoding program (by Midnightas, or lvivtotoro)

}:"decode" >>> This is the decoding function
}:"encode" >>> Encoding function
"Please type in the key:"|. >>> For more security
"Type encode for encoding, decode for decoding."|.
"Please type in your sentence:"|.
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