SSH and SFTP support for Qt. This project is based on Qt Creator's
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About QSsh

QSsh provides SSH and SFTP support for Qt applications. The aim of this project is to provide a easy way to use these protocols in any Qt application.

This project is based on Qt Creator's All the credits to Qt Creator's team! (

Compiling QSsh


  • Qt 4.7.4 (May work with older versions)
  • On Windows: MinGW 4.4 or later, Visual Studio 2008 or later
  • On Mac: XCode 2.5 or later, compiling on 10.4 requires setting the environment variable QTC_TIGER_COMPAT before running qmake


make (or mingw32-make or nmake depending on your platform)


Directory examples/SecureUploader/ contains an example on how to upload a file using SFTP