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An ansible playbook to setup my livecoding environment
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a playbook to setup my livecoding environment

This will install a set of packages, add the remote user (in this case mauro, which is who i am), then will reboot the system and pull a docker container of tida1vm (which is a container for TidalCycles).
It's still missing some configurations for this to be 100% perfect and accurate, but it's a start :-)

Software installed from repositories:

  • jackd2
  • jack-rack
  • jackeq
  • pulseaudio-module-jack
  • qjackctl
  • qjackrcd
  • amsynth
  • qsynth
  • fluidsynth
  • fluid-soundfont-gm
  • docker
  • python-docker
  • linux-image-lowlatency

How to use?

$ ansible-playbook setup.yml -i HOSTS --ask-sudo-pass
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