TidalCycles meets Unity 3D
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TidalCycles meets Unity 3D

This project is a Proof of Concept/Boilerplate to create Unity 3D scenes that receives OSC messages that affect GameObjects with the intention of livecoding visuals using TidalCycles.

high quality

How do I play with it?

  1. Cloning this repository
  2. In Unity: Open this project, then open the Tidal.unity scene
  3. In Unity: Click the play button
  4. In TidalCycles: Evaluate the code from Unity.tidal
  5. That's it

You should be able to start playing patterns that modify on-the-fly the behavior of the cubes/shrooms.

But this is silly! I want to .....

Well, yeah. I just wrote this to see if it was possible. It's not that interesting nor optimized (it runs smoothly with a i5-2410M and an Intel integrated graphic card, but YMMV).
If you want to (you can!) do something more interesting, just create a Scene with a GameObject that contains these three scripts: OSC, UDPPacketIO and TidalReceiver (which you might want to edit according to your needs). That's all, no black magic here :-)

Third party projects used