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Open Constructor

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The beginning of the project

Open Constructor was introduced on 29.12.2016. At that moment the original Tango Constructor was unavailable and some sources were telling that it will be never available again.

The icon was made the same way like the original Tango Constructor icon, only different colors were used. I think that for a 3D scanner app it is better to use RGB colors.


The first version was only an extended version of the mesh builder example code. Only the scanning parameters were tuned and the possibility to save was added. Scanned models were viewed by external app.

Version 0.1.x

This version had already a file manager and internal 3D viewer. Internal 3D viewer enabled users to see the result immediately after capturing.

File manager

Version 0.2.x

This version contains many bug fixes and user interface improvements. After a few attempts to implement an own noise filter Tango 3DR noise filter was used (as it can work much better because it has access to internal data structures).


Version 0.3.x

During the development of this version I was trying to implement my own real-time texturing. The problem was that the result had quite unreal colors as it was composed from many photos without color calibration. In the final release the texturing was removed and replaced by model optimization by generating texture with colored vertices only.

Textured model

Version 0.4.x

This version brings native support for uploading models to Sketchfab and texturing support. This version did a big step in scan quality.


Version 0.5.x

Redesign of Open Constructor screens, refactoring of engine, virtual reality support.


Version 0.6.x

New in app editor which enables users to make their models ready to use directly on the phone.


Version 0.7.x

Redesign of main screens, multiscan support added. Asus Zenfone AR supported.


Version 0.8.x

This is prestate of bringing the app to the ARcore devices. Note that ARcore version is not going to be opensource.

External links

3D models tests

Google Play link

Google Play beta link

Google Plus Tango Community

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