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a auto complete plugin for sublimetext3
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A clang plugin for Sublime Text 3 (MAC OSX / Linux / Windows), providing:

  • Auto complete
  • Syntax diagnostic
  • Goto definition

Using libclang (llvm 3.5.0).

Install the Plugin

From git repository

Note: To determine the path to Sublime Text 3 Packages directory, start Sublime Text 3, Choose menu Preferences -> Browse Packages

$ cd <sublime-text-3 Packages directory>  # see note above
$ git clone
$ cd Clang-Complete
$ make [linux / windows]

On Ubuntu, $ make linux, On Mac OSX, run the default $ make.

Windows prerequisites
  1. install MINGW-W64 32 (only if you want to compile yourself - binary is included) e.g. from here
  2. install LLVM 3.6.1

From package control

  1. Install package control
  2. command+shift + p -> install package
  3. Search Clang-Complete -> install

Installation using Package Control is only supported on Mac.


Global options can be set in <sublime-text-3 Packages directory>/clang-complete/cc.sublime-settings file. Header files can be included in the include_options section.

Alternatively, header files can also be included from the Sublime Text 3 <name>.sublime-project files by adding the cc_include_options subsection to the settings section in your <name>.sublime-project file:

        // ...
     // ...

Example settings for Windows:

            "-isystem", "C:\\MinGW\\i686-w64-mingw32\\include",
            "-isystem", "C:\\MinGW\\i686-w64-mingw32\\include\\c++",
            "-isystem", "C:\\MinGW\\i686-w64-mingw32\\include\\c++\\tr1",
            "-isystem", "C:\\MinGW\\i686-w64-mingw32\\include\\c++\\i686-w64-mingw32",
            "-isystem", "C:\\LLVM\\lib\\clang\\3.6.1\\include",

if "cc_include_options" exists in your project settings, it will merge to the "include_options" defined in cc.sublime-settings.






feature status
support mac osx done
support linux done
support window done
support sublimetext 2 X
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