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### How to start Solo mining using SoliditySHA3Miner
0) Prequisites :
0a) .Net Core Runtime
* Windows => download and run []
* Ubuntu => run script 'sudo ./'
* Ethos => run script 'sudo ./'
0b) Nvidia driver, and/or AMD driver.
1) Ensure that you have sufficient ETH stored in your mining address (ETH is required to mint tokens).
2) Clone 0xbtcSolo.bat/ file and open the editor for the cloned file.
3) You only need to edit the line that starts with 'dotnet' for launch parameters.
4) Below are the following arguments that may/need to be changed :
4a) web3api=
* The value provided in the sample launch files are for TESTING PURPOSE only.
* To avoid connection issues, do change to your own web3 API such as your account from '', or if you have your own Geth/Parity set up.
* If you are using account(s) from Infura, try to limit 5 rigs/instances per account.
4b) abiFile=
* If omitted, the '0xBTC.abi' file will be used by default
* Most tokens are compatible with '0xBTC.abi', most likely no need to change here
* Replace the value to the available filename that ends with '.abi' in the folder for the token interface you are mining.
4c) contract=
* If omitted, 0xBTC contract address will be used by default.
* Replace the value with the following address if you are mining a different token (case-sensitive):
0xBTC 0xB6eD7644C69416d67B522e20bC294A9a9B405B31
LIRA 0x49AAa160506F7e07E6C3F6cD6316b6866025cDcB
CLM 0xA38FcEdd23dE2191Dc27f9a0240ac170BE0A14fE
SEDO 0x0F00f1696218EaeFa2D2330Df3D6D1f94813b38f
PEPE 0xBC2AFc039d2BFa67d582aC181daB5BE17EC91f82
0xBCH 0xe5b9746dfCC2eF1054D47A451A77bb5f390c468d
0xCATE 0x8F7DbF90E71285552a687097220E1035C2e87639
0xLTC 0x33D99EFc0C3cC4F93dA6931EC2CCcF19Ca874b6D
0xGOLD 0x291DE53a16b76dfE28551Fd3335225F506dB8b82
ATA 0xd72F60b2E7649bBC5835d25e30Ef917f04D9131c
KIWI 0x2BF91c18Cd4AE9C2f2858ef9FE518180F7B5096D
SKO 0xb3Dc3C839a02134f9932CbD60f3566C231cc90CC
* If the token is not in the list above, I suggest that you might want to ask from the owner/moderator from their relavant Discord/Telegram/forums.
4d) gasToMine=
* If omitted, 5 GWei will be used.
* Replace the value with the amount of gas you prefer to mint a block with (decimals allowed, no alphabets).
* This value will override dynamic gas price if this value, whichever is higher.
4e) gasApiURL=
* Required for dynamic gas price minting
* If using '', fill the value with
4f) gasApiPath=
* If using '', fill the value with (without quotes) '$.safeLow'
4g) gasApiMultiplier=
* If using '', fill the value with 0.1
4h) gasApiOffset=
* Depends on how much you want to offset (decimals allowed, no alphabets).
4i) privateKey=
* Replace the value with your own ETH private key (64 characters long excluding '0x' prefix)
* It is your own responsibility to keep your private ETH account safe.
* One suggestion is to create a disposable ETH mining account to mine with then transfer the tokens to your private account later.
5) Save and (run the '.bat' file)/(sh the '.sh' file) you have newly created.
### Notes
To withdraw your tokens, you will need ETH to perform withdrawal/transaction from your account.
There is a default of 2.0% dev fee (Once every 50th nounces: starting from 50th).
* You can set to the lowest 1.5% with 'devFee=1.5' (the formula is '(nonce mod devFee) = 0').
* Dev fee is by sending the current reward amount after the successful minted block, using the same gas fee as provided in 'gasToMine'.
Please feedback your results and suggestions so that I can improve the miner.
You can either add an issue in the repository, or find me in discord (Amano7).
Thanks for trying out this miner!
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