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This repo contains the automation required to deploy a Windows self-hosted agent in Azure
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Build and Deploy a Windows Self-Hosted agent

This repository contains all the automation necessary to deploy and configure a Windows self-hosted agent which is able to support the tasks for:

  • Azure Resource Group deployment
  • Azure App Service deployment
  • Azure SQL database deployment
  • Azure Powershell

Files included in this repo are:

  • azuredeploy.json: for deploying into Azure
  • Configure-Agent.ps1: to install all the required software and configure Azure DevOps agent
  • software.json: definition of software to be installed

In order to connect a self-hosted agent to Azure DevOps, you need to generate a Personal Access Token (PAT)

For more information on this project, check my Azure DevOps – Build and Deploy a Windows Self-Hosted agent article

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