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This script is responsible for processing software.json based on the parameters it received. It will also:

  • Install NuGet (version or higher) package provider in Powershell
  • Configure "PSGallery" powershell repository as "Trusted"


  • It must be executed with Administrative Rights since it makes changes to the Operating System.
  • Software.json must be placed in the same folder as this script.
  • Personal Access Token (PAT) must be generated before running this script.


.\Configure-Agent.ps1 -TeamAccount <string> -PoolName <string> -PATToken <string> [<DynamicParam>] [<CommonParameters>]


Table describing each of the parameters:

Name Type Mandatory Description
TeamAccount String Yes Team Account name. If you Azure DevOps Url is, then Team Account name is "xyz"
PoolName String No Agent Pool name to configure this agent to. Default value is "default"
PATToken String Yes Personal Access Token (PAT) to use when configuring the agent.
<DynamicParam> Switch No Based on software.json content, dynamic parameters will be added matching ""

How software.json is processed

All properties for a "software-name" in software.json are optional (If you haven't already, get familiar with software.json syntax) and they get processed pretty much in an independent manner. This is the order and the conditions to process each section:

  1. If there are PreRequirements, they will get processed first. (that's why they are "pre", right?)
  2. If Uri is defined, then it will download the file to "C:\Packages\AzureDevOpsAgent". If it's a zip file, it will automatically expanded. If Hash is provided, after downloading the file, it will verify the hash matches, if it doesn't, it will abort the whole process.
  3. If Cmdline is defined, it will be executed with the arguments provided in Arguments property (if provided). If the file in CmdLine is an MSI, it will be installed with msiexec with the following arguments " /qn ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress"
  4. If PSLine is defined, that powershell line will be executed.
  5. If AddToPath is defined, it will be added to the system PATH environmental variable
  6. If EnvironmentalVariables is defined, then each one will be created or updated.
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