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Azure ARM Template to deploy a Windows Server 2016 VM with a Custom Script extension to configure Azure DevOps agent; it deploys:

  • a Network Interface
  • a Storage Account for Diagnostics
  • a Virtual Machine with Managed Disks and smalldisks
  • a Custom Script extesion


Name Type Mandatory Description
virtualMachineName String Yes Self-explanatory
operatingSystem String No Operating system SKU to be used. Allowed values: "2016-Datacenter-smalldisk" or "2016-Datacenter-Server-Core-smalldisk" being this last one the default value.
existingVirtualNetworkResourceGroupName String Yes Name of the Resource Group where the VNET has been deployed
existingVirtualNetworkName String Yes Name of the VNET to use
existingSubnetName String Yes Name of the Subnet to use
adminUsername String Yes User name for the computer's local administrator
adminPassword securestring Yes Password for the computer's local administrator
TeamAccount String Yes If your URL is "", then you should set this to "abc"
PoolName String Yes Agent Pool name to configure this agent to
PATToken securestring Yes Personal Access Token to use when configuring Azure DevOps agent
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