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# Join the community!
# (A community of one is still a community, right?)
# This script connects to a streaming endpoint using the Tweepy library
# Streaming APIs:
# I used that instead of constantly polling the REST API.
import tweepy
import time
# A very short module with some basic functions, see:
import r_tools
# We need a LOT of authentication information for this to work
reddit_account = {
"client_id": "reddit_app_client_id",
"client_secret": "reddit_app_client_secret",
"username": "reddit_username",
"password": "reddit_password"
app_key = 'twitter_app_client_key'
app_secret = 'twitter_app__client_secret'
access_token = 'twitter_app_access_token'
access_secret = 'twitter_app_access_token_secret'
# use to get user ids from screen names
# Donald Trump donaldtrump 736267842681602048
# Patton Oswalt pattonoswalt 139162440
# Brendan Eich brendaneich 9533042
# Rainn Wilson rainnwilson 19637934
# Ken Jennings kenjennings 234270825
user_ids = ['736267842681602048', '139162440', '9533042', '19637934', '234270825']
# I made a few subreddits dedicated to tweet reposting
# When one of the users listed in user_ids makes a tweet
subreddits = {
'donaldtrump': 'donald_trump_tweets',
'brendaneich': 'brendaneich_tweets',
'rainnwilson': 'rainnwilson_tweets',
'kenjennings': 'kenjennings_tweets'
# This is the class that actually handles tweets that come in from the streaming endpoint.
class StreamListener(tweepy.StreamListener):
def on_status(self, status):
data = {
'title': status.text,
'kind': 'link',
'sr': subreddits[status.user.screen_name.lower()],
'url': '' + status.user.screen_name + '/status/' + status.id_str
# Get a new access token each time, because it might expire
headers = r_tools.get_access_headers(reddit_account)
response = r_tools.unlimit_post('', data, headers)
print data['title']
print data['sr']
print response
print '---------'
except KeyError:
# For some reason, a bunch of other random tweets show up
# that aren't by ANY of the users specified in user_ids.
# Not sure why. But this at least keeps track of them.
print 'Received screen_name: ' + status.user.screen_name
print '---------'
def on_error(self, status_code):
print '---------'
# When we get a 420, wait a minute and reconnect
if status_code == 420:
return False
# Now, actually start the thing:
# It's bad practice to try-catch all errors, but this code produces some weird exceptions that I don't know about.
# Needs to be looked into by more experienced eyes.
# Followed the guide at to set this up
while True:
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(app_key, app_secret)
auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_secret)
api = tweepy.API(auth)
stream_listener = StreamListener()
stream = tweepy.Stream(auth=api.auth, listener=stream_listener)
# The only way this code gets reached is if StreamListener returns false.
# And the only way StreamListener returns false is if it gets rate limited.
print "Rate limited by Twitter, waiting one minute to reconnect..."
print "Error, waiting thirty seconds to restart."