An open file watcher for Atom that will prompt when the file on disk has changed.
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Atom file-watcher Package

This package watches open files for conflicts or changes, then uses the Atom confirm feature to prompt to reload each file.

You can turn the prompts for changes on and off in the package settings.

There is also a prompt option to open the original file in a new Atom window so that you can compare your current version with the disk version.

If you are looking at a file that has frequent changes you can also choose to 'Ignore All' changes, which will stop any future alerts until you reload the entire Atom window.


Either use apm:

  apm install file-watcher

Or find the package in the Atom registry and install.



Reload without a prompt. Warning: Overrides "Prompt on Change" and "Include the Compare option", and may cause a loss of work!

Include the Compare option

Enable this setting to add the Compare option to the Reload/Ignore prompt, which will open the file in a new editor so you can see the on-disk changes. Enabled by default.

Prompt on Change

Enable this setting to also show the Reload/Ignore prompt when the file changes on disk, even if there are no unsaved changes in Atom

Post-Compare Command

Define an Atom command to run after the compare is shown e.g. split-diff:toggle

Use WatchFile

Mounted file systems don't support inotify and Atom cannot tell when they change. This option adds polling and should only be enabled if you are using a mounted file system like Samba or SSHFS. There may be a slight delay as it polls every 5 seconds.


MIT License -- Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Laurence Blackledge