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GitBook PDF Generator(s)

Documentation is not finished yet. Before the documentation is done, you may check the discussion at https://github.com/GitbookIO/gitbook/issues/1470 for ideas.


  1. npm install -g gitbook-pdfgen
  2. Install wkhtmltopdf and add wkhtmltopdf to path.
  3. Download the sample project at https://github.com/GitbookIO/gitbook/issues/1470 to project path
  4. cd [project path] && npm install && gitbook install
  5. run gitbook-pdfgen at the project path, which contains book.json. The pdf generated is book_wk.pdf
  6. run gitbook-pdfgen --help for help of the command line.
  7. Modify the book.


  • Do the configuration in book.json of the book.
  • Check gen_pdf_wk_config_schema.json in the npm package for details. (Sorry I cannot pretty print the schema yet.)
  • Check the sample project and wkhtmltopdf help for how to modify the TOC, header and footer.

Known issues

  • If a font-face is not used in the first page (usually README.md), the font will not be embedded correctly in the pdf. This is an issue with wkhtmltopdf. (Workaround: see the sample project to add some hidden text.)
  • Will not work if the book summary is not in the same format as the sample project. (i.e. One part only, no multilanguage.)
  • Cannot set a different margin in different pages, including cover. (Workaround: to add a real cover to your book, use PDFTK Builder.)
  • Will not work if the book contains a book.js instead of book.json.