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This is the source for This blog uses Jekyll, a static generator, and is served by Github pages.


First, install Ruby, then install bundler:

gem install bundler

Then, in this repo's directory (containing Gemfile), install Jekyll/etc by:

bundle install

Running Locally

To start a local webserver for the blog, use:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Adding a new post

The contents of the _posts/ directory are served as posts. Modifying the HTML/Markdown in these files will immediately be reflected on the website.

  1. If using LaTeX, compile to HTML using LaTeX3HTML with --bodyonly option.

  2. Put the generated html in a new file under <./_posts>, with filename YYYY-MM-DD-name-of-post.html

  3. Add a header block like this:

    layout: post
    title: "Title of Post"
    authorid: preetum

  4. Add the line "" roughly after the "abstract" of your post (the remainder will be hidden on the main blog page, with a link to full post).

For example, see this post:

Adding a new author

Authors are referenced by authorid.


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