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HP C7000 Blade System template for Zabbix
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HP C7000 Blade System template for Zabbix

Based on the C7000 Chassis template by Vladimir Marakshin.

This has been updated to work with Zabbix 4.2. It has had some Russian changed to English, and added the Onboard Administrators to the discovery rule. It also only discovers device bays that have a device in them.

Note that the original template required the HP/CPQ MIBs, and still does. It does not use numeric OIDs.

The MIB files can be downloaded from HPE. This link worked to reach the MIB Kit when this was uploaded:

At least the cpqhost.mib and cpqrack.mib MIBs must be installed in your Zabbix server/proxy (the host that executes the SNMP checks). On a CentOS/RHEL system, that is in /usr/share/snmp/mibs. After they are installed, the Zabbix server/proxy must be restarted.

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