Perform Sentimal Analysis on Posts from r/depression subreddit
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A Bot that performs Sentiment Analysis on posts from r/depression subreddit

Visit [Slide show]( for results of analysis. Click on sad face in the portfolio. Download the slideshow for high resolution slides


Goals of project:

  1. Reddit bot which reads new posts in depression subreddit
  2. Analyze sentiment of posts
  3. Score the likelyhood of suicide
  4. Respond with appropriate suicide hotline information
  5. Use Flask to provide admin interface to log sentiment scores

Quick Start:

$ python

Sentiment scores for reddit post are located in /main/data.csv

File info:

  1. All files are located in main folder
  2. All files must be run from "main" folder in order to work
  3. runs analysis on suicide notes
  4. suicide notes are located within suicide_notes subfolder in the main folder
  5. calculates /r/depression scores
  6. collects testing text scoring of /r/depression into data.csv
  7. data.csv file is created with it contains title, upvotes, sentiment, and score of each /r/depression posts
  8. api_key.txt - Generated by It contains api key It is created by visit alchemyapi website if you would like to request your own free api key. The free key only allows 1000 requests per day.

Add Later:

  • Provide community psychiatrist/psychologist resources based on poster's location