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+Purpose of this tool
+In my home, I have a cable connection which occasionally changes its IP address - occasionally means, it could be once a year or once a month.
+My coworkers use DSL connections, which get a new IP on each reconnect.
+On our server, we use IP addresses for access restrictions - root logins are only allowed from "our" IPs, as well as remote connections to the database (for having just one development DB).
+So, whenever update-config tool is run, it resolves the IP addresses of some dynamic DNS hostnames and updates the appropriate section of the config files with the new addresses.
+As configuration files may have a distinct syntax, the user can specify the format of each config file in a very simple manner.
+Configuration example
+The script looks after a BEGIN allowed_hosts ... END allowed_hosts block in each file.
+For each entry in the hostnames section, the contents of the block will be replaced by a comment and configuration line specified for each file.
+Example hosts_allowed.yml file:
+ hostnames:
+ fred:
+ eric:
+ files:
+ postgres:
+ path: '/etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf'
+ comment: "# #{name}/#{host}"
+ line: "hostssl\tall\t\tall\t\t#{ip}/32\tmd5"
+This example configuration will place the lines
+ # eric/
+ hostssl all all md5
+ # fred/
+ hostssl all all md5
+between the # BEGIN .. # END lines of your postgresql access configuration file.
+The text has to be enclosed by double quotes.
+The following variables can be used (using #{variable}):
+ ip
+ host
+ name
+After each line, a newline character is automatically inserted.
+Sample crontab entry
+Create a crontab entry like this - if you know when IP addresses are likely to change, you can make a crontab that executes the resolve script only at that minute.
+ 32,14 1,5 * * * /usr/sbin/resolver >> /var/log/resolver.log 2>&1
+This will execute the resolver at 1:14 am, 1:32 am, 5:14 am and 5:32 am. This may be neccessary if there are some more people working on your server.

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