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Lisu ibus-kmfl Unicode keyboard for Linux

How to install ibus-kmfl on Ubuntu

You need to install ibus-kmfl from SIL first. If you use Ubuntu, SIL has instructions on how to add their repository. Note that you have to replace precise with your current Ubuntu distribution.

Then, install ibus-kmfl with the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install ibus-kmfl

How to install the keyboard

Keyboard layout is defined in lisu.kmn. It has to be copied to .kmfl directory in your home. If the directory is not there yet, create it first. Copy lisu.kmn and icons into .kmfl.

Notes on the keyboard layout

  • Lisu tone mark MYA CYA(ꓺ) is Shift + .
  • Lisu punctuation comma (꓾) is Shift + n or minus sign
  • Lisu punctuation full stop (꓿) is Shift + m or equal sign