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Slides for the two lectures I gave for NFS1201 (based on slides from previous years)
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This README details how this slide directory is structured, how files should be run and what the different files do.

The files were created by the prodigenr package and use the following programs:

  • GNU Make (automating executing file scripts)
  • Pandoc (for Markdown (.md or .Rmd) conversion)
  • R (stats)
    • Package: knitr (reproducibility)
  • Git (version control system)
  • Shell script (e.g. Bash; to use most of the above programs)

Directory structure and explanation

The project directory is generally structured with data and src folders, as well as a version control .git folder. As a caveat, there may be folders other than the below that were created for an ad hoc purpose. The Makefile contains the commands to create the slides, simply type make in the terminal to see a list of options.

data folder:

The data folder contains the analysis-specific dataset. Meaning this dataset may be a subset of an original dataset, keeping the data relevant to the research question.

src folder:

The src folder contains the R commands and scripts used by all subsequent scripts and R Markdown files. There are at least three files: fetchData.R to get, process, and save a dataset; setup.R to load libraries and run options for packages; and, functions.R to hold all custom functions used for the analysis.

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