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Last Week In Kubernetes Development

The LWKD repository contains the .md files used to produce the weekly Kubernetes updates called "Last Week in Kubernetes Development", or LWKD. Contributions by pull request are encouraged and accepted.


Every Monday, a new issue of LWKD will come out. At the same time, we will add a new week's blank newsletter to the future folder. Once that happens, we will start accepting pull requests to modify that week.

If you don't feel like creating a pull request, or there's too many edit conflicts already, then add your item as an Issue.

What we're looking for:

  • Reports on PRs and merges for significant features and changes to core Kubernetes and its close components (like KubeAdm and Helm).
  • Summary of the weekly Community Meeting and any Steering Committee meetings.
  • Updates, deadlines, and current status on the release in progress.
  • Notices of deprecated features, plugins, and APIs.
  • Notices of version number changes and dependency version changes.
  • "Graph of the Week" from devstats.
  • Summary of changes in kubernetes-associated repositories such as Helm and KubeVirt (based on the teams for these apps submitting the updates, our editorial staff doesn't track those).

We are not looking for information about upcoming events, external blog posts, new projects or products, or other Kubernetes "ecosystem" news, all of which is well-covered by KubeWeekly.

More than anything, please be brief. A major goal of LWKD is to provide a summary of Kubernetes activity which can be taken in in 15 minutes or less. The ideal item for LWKD is one sentence and a link.

You may optionally credit yourself at the end of each item you add with your initials in italics, like so:

Should you do this, please make sure to add your initials, name and contact link to the file.


LWKD is under the Creative Commons Share-Alike v4 License. All contributors agree that their content may be distributed under that license.


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