Example RequireJS-based one page application project that has some lazy loading modules.
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RequireJs example for lazy loading

A simple example requirejs-base project that shows how to match these goals:

  • One page or multipage application that have some modules that could be load lazily. That is, they are not depended by the application directly.
  • The js files should be combined to reduce the request count.
  • The built target should split into some smaller files instead of a large one, that helps for speeding up the startup time.

RequireJs / r.js is an excellent open source project, and it has some good examples that helps us to understand the basic concepts, such as this one: https://github.com/requirejs/example-multipage

But I didn't find a simple enough runnable example that match my requirement. I thought it should be a very common case, so I wrote this simple example and I hope it helps.

Project notes

The project layout is simple.

  • build: The optimizer (r.js) config, option.js
  • www: All static resources are here, it is almost standalone except that it depends on require.js, you could copy it from node_modules or any where to the project to make it really standalone.
  • www-built: The built target files generated by optimizer (r.js)


  • Please run npm install to download requirejs before any tasks.
    npm install

To run the application by source (development mode), just open www/index.html in browser

To run the optimizer, just type


Please check options.js for details of how to config r.js to match our goals.

Then optimizer will generate the web to www-built

All modules will be packaged to three

  • index.js: the entry point and basic
  • m12.js: combined of module1 and module2
  • m34.js: combined of module3 and module4

Only minimum files are built into each bundle, no module is duplicated packaged, you can check www-built/build.txt to make sure of this.

After the built, just open www-built/index.html in browser to check if all things go well.

More info

For more information on the optimizer: http://requirejs.org/docs/optimization.html

For more information on using RequireJs: http://requirejs.org/docs/api.html

RequireJs git repos / examples: https://github.com/requirejs