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ESP8266 application using lws
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This is a WIP No-OS Espressif SDK build including libwebsockets (


You need an ESP07 / 12 type module with >=1MB, and a usb serial dongle of some kind to flash it.


  • If not configured, or you GND GPIO16, will start up in AP mode with a captive portal allowing configuration of the station side

  • If already configured, starts up joining the configured ap and serving the generic lws test apps in http + ws (SSL not supported yet)

  • offers a liberal subset the usual libwebsockets features consistent with the platform restrictions

  • If your AP DHCP server provides it, can be accessed using hostname ( http://lwstest-12345 )

  • Stores AP setup data persistently in Flash

  • Serving using vhosts and mounts

  • ROMFS in flash holds mount data with directory structure

Building the image

  1. Toolchain

Clone this

$ git clone

and follow the build instructions. For Fedora, as mentioned in the following packages will be needed.

sudo dnf install make unrar autoconf automake libtool gcc gcc-c++ gperf
flex bison texinfo gawk ncurses-devel expat-devel python sed
help2man python-devel pyserial genromfs

(Notice you will need genromfs package later)

I chose the "include the SDK" build option and after some minutes it completed the build OK on Fedora24.

Set PATH to point to wherever you cloned the Toolchain

export PATH=/projects/esp-open-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf/bin/:$PATH

That's it you are ready to build Tensilica stuff.


Clone esplws (this project)

$ git clone

If you don't already have a copy of lws in ./apps/lws/libwebsockets , then

$ cd esplws/app/lws ; git clone

Come back up to the esplws directory and do

$ make html all ; ./

After building he should flash it, this is it getting flashed into my 1MB ESP-07.

(To make the chip enter the flashing ROM bootloader, you must reset or power up with GPIO0 forced to 0V.)

1392 ram area free v1.2-dev
Running Cesanta flasher stub...
Flash params set to 0x0020
Writing 36864 @ 0x0... 36864 (100 %)
Wrote 36864 bytes at 0x0 in 3.2 seconds (92.2 kbit/s)...
Writing 548864 @ 0x10000... 548864 (100 %)
Wrote 548864 bytes at 0x10000 in 47.5 seconds (92.4 kbit/s)...
Writing 4096 @ 0xfe000... 4096 (100 %)
Wrote 4096 bytes at 0xfe000 in 0.4 seconds (90.3 kbit/s)...
Writing 4096 @ 0xfc000... 4096 (100 %)
Wrote 4096 bytes at 0xfc000 in 0.4 seconds (90.5 kbit/s)...
Verifying just-written flash...
Verifying 0x8a90 (35472) bytes @ 0x00000000 in flash against bin/0x00000.bin...
-- verify OK (digest matched)
Verifying 0x85939 (547129) bytes @ 0x00010000 in flash against bin/0x10000.bin...
-- verify OK (digest matched)
Verifying 0x1000 (4096) bytes @ 0x000fe000 in flash against bin/blank.bin...
-- verify OK (digest matched)
Verifying 0x80 (128) bytes @ 0x000fc000 in flash against bin/esp_init_data_default.bin...
-- verify OK (digest matched)

How to customize

remove files from the romfs

Remove test-app related assets from ./apps/lws/romfs-files/station/* ... the large file transfer test leaf.jpg alone is 375KB so this makes a lot of room.

remove test protocols from configuration

Edit ./apps/lws-glue/lws.c and remove the inclusion of the test protocol code

 /* station mode protocols */
-#include "../lws/libwebsockets/plugins/protocol_dumb_increment.c"
-#include "../lws/libwebsockets/plugins/protocol_lws_mirror.c"
-#include "../lws/libwebsockets/plugins/protocol_post_demo.c"
-#include "../lws/libwebsockets/plugins/protocol_lws_status.c"

Replace them with your own protocol(s) later.

and remove the test protocols themselves from being added to the station vhost protocols array


Replace those with your own protocol strings created the same way later.

remove the extra test app mount

-static const struct lws_http_mount mount_station_post = {
-       .mountpoint             = "/formtest",
-       .origin                 = "protocol-post-demo",
-       .origin_protocol        = LWSMPRO_CALLBACK,
-       .mountpoint_len         = 9,
 static const struct lws_http_mount mount_station = {
-        .mount_next            = &mount_station_post,
+        .mount_next            = NULL,

change the default file to "index.html"

-        .def                   = "test.html",
+        .def                   = "index.html",

Create your own assets

Create your own ./apps/lws/romfs-files/station/index.html and add your own images etc in the same directory.


The non-lws ESP8266 bits came from esp-ginx, you can get the original pieces here, but at the time of writing they don't seem to be being maintained. Lws replaces most of their work (http / ws related) and that is deleted in this tree. Actually what's left is mainly the Espressif SDK.

That project in turn seems to have gotten pieces from the below projects they mentioned -->

This project was inspired esp-httpd by Sprite_tm, NodeMcu ( ) and NGINX

The whole thing seems MIT or "Beer License", lws bits are LGPLv2 with Static Linking Exception

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