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This repository has been archived by the owner on Sep 1, 2021. It is now read-only.

Releases: lx-s/Covid-Contact-Log

CCL 1.5.0

05 Nov 15:36
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New release that adds a bit of functionality

  • Added mask to edit entries.
  • Added CSV export.
  • Added Favicon!
  • Uglied up the design a bit
  • Fixed some 🐛

CCL 1.4.1

15 Aug 11:24
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Well, this is 💩 . While refactoring I noticed, that the password check was completely botched and you could login with only a correct username.
Sorry about that ...

Anyway: This minor releases fixes this. Happy log in!

CCL 1.4

15 Aug 06:22
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Good morning! Small addition for today:

  • It's now possible to change the date for a new entry

CCL 1.3

13 Aug 08:37
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This should be it (at least for today):

  • New mode to delete entries.

CCL 1.2

13 Aug 07:49
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As you can see, I really like releases. The more, the better.

  • New option KEEP_OLD_ENTRIES that allows you to delete entries older than the configured ENTRY_LOG_DAYS automatically from the database. For current installations, this value is assumed to be true so old entries will be kept.
  • Moved left-to-right and right-to-left definitions for languages in their respective translations file.

CCL 1.1

13 Aug 07:11
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The should-have-called-the-first-one-"beta"-instead-of-"1.0"-Release.

  • DB_TABLE_PREFIX in config.sample.php had a wrong default value.
  • Use Post/Redirect/Get-Pattern for entry submission. Otherwise entries may get added multiple times when mobile browsers (who don't know how to cache) reload the website all the time.
  • Fixed display of sql-errors get shown correctly.
  • SQL-Errors are now also translatable
  • Minor cosmetic fixes

CCL 1.0

12 Aug 09:37
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The first release. Everything is new :)