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$Id: README.txt,v 2009/09/22 20:03:32 alexb Exp $

Data module

The Data module provides

* An API for dynamically allocating tables for single-row records
* An API for insert/update/delete operations
* Automatic views integration
* Together with CTools module: exportable configurations
* Together with schema module: schema inspection and fixing

Its companion Data UI provides

* UI to add new database tables
* UI to add or alter columns to existing tables managed by Data module
* Default views for tables managed by Data module

Use Data Search module if you would like to search one or more columns of your 
data tables:

* Install Data Search
* Go to admin/content/data
* Edit table to be indexed
* Click on "Configure search" tab
* Check table columns to be indexed

Use Data Node module if you would like to relate nodes to data records:

* Install Data Node
* Go to admin/content/data
* Edit table to relate to nodes
* Click on "Relate to nodes" tab
* Pick a content type
* Pick which id in table will be related to a node id
* Optionally: 
  * Use views field handler for adding/removing a data table record to
    a node.
  * Configure Data Node block to show up in sidebar for selecting an 
    active node to add a data table record to.


Check out FeedAPI Data module for using Data as a storage engine for feed items.

While data module does not have any dependencies, its full functionality is only
available with Schema module and CTools. 

If you use Schema module, use version 1.6 or higher.

If you use CTools, apply
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