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#PuSH Subscriber

A PHP library that implements the PubSubHubbub spec for subscribers. Framework independent.


PHP 5.2 or higher with curl support.

##Integration with host applications

Before you can start using the PuSHSubscriber library you need to prepare your host application following these four steps:

  1. Implement PuSHSubscriberSubscriptionInterface and PuSHSubscriberEnvironmentInterface (see

  2. Create a new path in the host application that is unique for every subscription. For example:


  3. In the callback for the new path invoke the subscriber's request handler:

    // MySubscription and MyEnvironment are the interfaces implemented in 1) function my_pubsub_page($subscription_id) { $domain = 'my_subs'; $sub = PuSHSubscriber::instance($domain, $subscriber_id, 'MySubscription', new MyEnvironment()); $sub->handleRequest('my_pubsub_notification'); }

  4. Note the 'my_pubsub_notification' passed to the request handler? This is the callback that will be invoked if a notification has been received:

    function my_pubsub_notification($raw, $domain, $subscriber_id) { // Parse $raw and store the changed items for the subscription identified // by $domain and $subscriber_id }


  1. Create a subscription:

    $sub = PuSHSubscriber::instance('my_subs', 12, 'MySubscription', new MyEnvironment());

Note: The domain id 'my_subs' is merely for allowing multiple tiers in an application to use the PuSHSubscriber library simultaneously. MySubscription is an implementation of PuSHSubscriberSubscriptionInterface and MyEnvironment is an implementation of PuSHSubscriberEnvironmentInterface.

  1. Subscribe to a hub for notifications:

    $sub->subscribe('', '');

  2. Unsubscribe from a hub:

    $sub->unsubscribe('', '');