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PubSubHubbub Subscriber library for PHP
tag: 1.0-beta3


PuSH Subscriber

A PHP library that implements the PubSubHubbub spec for subscribers. Framework independent.


PHP 5.2 or higher with curl support.

Integration with host applications

Before you can start using the PuSHSubscriber library you need to prepare your host application following these four steps:

1) Implement PuSHSubscriberSubscriptionInterface and PuSHSubscriberEnvironmentInterface (see

2) Create a new path in the host application that is unique for every subscription. For example:


3) In the callback for the new path invoke the subscriber's request handler:

// MySubscription and MyEnvironment are the interfaces implemented in 1)
function my_pubsub_page($subscription_id) {
  $domain = 'my_subs';
  $sub = PuSHSubscriber::instance($domain, $subscriber_id, 'MySubscription', new MyEnvironment());

4) Note the 'my_pubsub_notification' passed to the request handler? This is the callback that will be invoked if a notification has been received:

function my_pubsub_notification($raw, $domain, $subscriber_id) {
  // Parse $raw and store the changed items for the subscription identified
  // by $domain and $subscriber_id


1) Create a subscription:

$sub = PuSHSubscriber::instance('my_subs', 12, 'MySubscription', new MyEnvironment());

Note: The domain id 'my_subs' is merely for allowing multiple tiers in an application to use the PuSHSubscriber library simultaneously. MySubscription is an implementation of PuSHSubscriberSubscriptionInterface and MyEnvironment is an implementation of PuSHSubscriberEnvironmentInterface.

2) Subscribe to a hub for notifications:

$sub->subscribe('', '');

3) Unsubscribe from a hub:

$sub->unsubscribe('', '');
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