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OpenStreetMap: Changes to building footprints in New York City area

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This map showcases how municipal GIS departments could leverage OpenStreetMap for more efficient change management.

The particular example shows changes to New York City building footprint data between January 1st 2012 and June 6th, 2012. It is really simple though to modify to the feature type or time period you are interested in.

Thanks to Tom for providing a great headstart.

Update map

Requires Python 2.7 and TileMill.

Assumes you would like to update the map to show any building footprints changed after 2012-01-01 in NYC area

  1. Run

    curl,40.49,-73.7,40.92 -o nyc.osm python nyc.osm nycdelta/nyc.geojson 2012-01-01

  2. Open TileMill project, update legend with new date and render+upload map


  • Pass in feature types as argument to
  • Shapefile conversion of all edited buildings
  • Don't show edits outside of NYC
  • Clean up style.css