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OpenID Provider SSO
OpenID Provider extension for Simple Sign-On among trusted sites.
Add trusted sites to a Drupal OpenID provider. Users enjoy a simplified sign on
process between trusted sites.
Note: this module does not provide true *Single* Sign-On functionality but a
largely simplified sign on experience for webs of trusted sites. Hence the name
*Simple* Sign-On.
It is strongly recommended to install this module on a fresh Drupal OpenID
Provider. Installing it on an existing OpenID provider will lead to undefined
Install this module and dependencies. Go to admin/settings/openid-provider-sso
and enter known Relying Parties, for example:
Name: The Example 1 Blog
Name: The Example 2 Blog
All relying parties must be Drupal sites with the module OpenID SSO enabled and
Note that the realm requires a trailing slash.