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OpenID SSO Demo (Provider)

Drupal as OpenID provider in a web of trusted sites. Knowing the OpenID Provider
and all available Relying Parties allows for some simplifications of the sign-on
experience "Simple Sign-On". This profile uses OpenID Provider SSO to demo
Simple Sign-On.

Use together with OpenID SSO Demo (Relying Party) profile.



Run install profile, set up OpenID Relying Party information as described in
OpenID Provider SSO module README.

2. (optional)

Go to node/add/activity-feed and add a feed for activity/comments and for
activity/posts for every Relying Party. Set the activity type ("Post" or
"Comment" accordingly).


Say there are two Relying Parties, one is http://blogexample.com and the other
one is http://shopexample.com. Add four feed nodes:

Feed URL: http://blogexample.com/activity/posts, Activity type: "Post"
Feed URL: http://blogexample.com/activity/comments, Activity type: "Comment"
Feed URL: http://shopexample.com/activity/posts, Activity type: "Post"
Feed URL: http://shopexample.com/activity/comments, Activity type: "Comment"

3. (optional)

Create some content (story nodes, comments) on Relying Parties with different
users and hit cron on the Provider to see user activity on the Provider.