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Go Bindings for LXC (Linux Containers)

LXC is the well-known and heavily tested low-level Linux container runtime. It is in active development since 2008 and has proven itself in critical production environments world-wide. Some of its core contributors are the same people that helped to implement various well-known containerization features inside the Linux kernel.

This package implements Go bindings for the LXC C API (liblxc).


Type Service Status
CI (Linux) Github CI tests
Go documentation Godoc GoDoc
Static analysis GoReport Go Report Card


This package requires LXC >= 1.0.0 and its development package and their dependencies to be installed. Additionally, go-lxc requires Golang 1.10 or later to work. Following command should install required dependencies on Ubuntu 18.10:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git golang gcc make liblxc1 liblxc-dev lxc-utils pkg-config


To install it, run:

go get


To try examples, run:

# cd ~/go/src/

# make
==> Running go vet
==> Building ...

# create/create
2018/12/27 22:39:27 Creating container...

# start/start
2018/12/27 22:39:39 Starting the container...
2018/12/27 22:39:39 Waiting container to startup networking...

# attach/attach
2018/12/27 22:39:46 AttachShell
root@rubik:/# hostname
root@rubik:/# exit
2018/12/27 22:39:52 RunCommand
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

# stop/stop
2018/12/27 22:39:54 Stopping the container...

# destroy/destroy
2018/12/27 22:39:57 Destroying container...

Backwards Compatibility

LXC has always focused on strong backwards compatibility. In fact, the API hasn't been broken from release 1.0.0 onwards. Main LXC is currently at version 2.*.*.


See the examples directory for some.

Bug reports

Bug reports can be filed at:


Fixes and new features are greatly appreciated. We'd love to see go-lxc improve. To contribute to go-lxc;

  • Fork the repository
  • Modify your fork
  • Ensure your fork passes all tests
  • Send a pull request
    • Bonus points if the pull request includes what you changed, why you changed it, and tests attached.

Getting help

When you find you need help, the LXC projects provides you with several options.

Discuss Forum

We maintain an discuss forum at

where you can get support.


You can find support by joining #lxcontainers on Freenode.

Mailing Lists

You can check out one of the two LXC mailing list archives and register if interested: