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Go Bindings for LXC (Linux Containers)

This package implements Go bindings for the LXC C API (liblxc).


This package requires LXC 1.x and its development package to be installed. Works with Go 1.x. Following command should install required dependencies on Ubuntu:

apt-get install -y pkg-config lxc-dev


To install it, run:

go get gopkg.in/lxc/go-lxc.v2


Documentation can be found at GoDoc.


The package API will remain stable as described in gopkg.in.


See the examples directory for some.


We'd love to see go-lxc improve. To contribute to go-lxc;

  • Fork the repository
  • Modify your fork
  • Ensure your fork passes all tests
  • Send a pull request
    • Bonus points if the pull request includes what you changed, why you changed it, and tests attached.
    • For the love of all that is holy, please use go fmt before you send the pull request.

We'll review it and merge it in if it's appropriate.