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This branch contains the content and site generator of the website. Backend code for Try it part is located at


  • man2html-base
  • python3 (>= 3.3)
  • python3-bs4
  • python3-jinja2
  • python3-markdown (<3.0.0)
  • python3-pygments

Generating the website


Launching website within container

Make sure that the container has access to the website folder that you just cloned.

You can use a bind-mount for the folder if necessary (host => container OR container => host)

After generating the website(above), run these commands(Ubuntu-specific) within the container:

cd output
python3 -m http.server 8777

You now need to obtain the IP address for the specific container. You can now navigate to the site (from the host) with the following example IP address:

Bug reports

Bug reports can be filed at


Fixes and new content are greatly appreciated but please read our contributing guidelines first.

Contributions to this project should be sent as pull requests on GitHub.

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