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LXD demo server

This repository contains the backend code of the LXD online demo service.

What is it

Simply put, it's a small Go daemon exposing a REST API that users (mostly our javascript client) can interact with to create temporary test containers and attach to that container's console.

Those containers come with a bunch of resource limitations and an expiry, when the container expires, it's automatically deleted.

The main client can be found at the URL above, with its source available here:

Installing on Ubuntu

The easiest way to get the demo server running on Ubuntu is by using the snap package.

First install and configure LXD itself:

sudo snap install lxd
sudo lxd init

Then install and configure the LXD demo server:

sudo snap install lxd-demo-server
sudo snap connect lxd-demo-server:lxd lxd:lxd
sudo lxd-demo-server.configure

You can then access the server at: http://IP-ADDRESS:8080/


The server needs to be able to talk to a LXD daemon over the local unix socket, so you need to have a LXD daemon installed and functional before using this server.

Other than that, you can pull all the other necessary dependencies with:

go get

Building it

A very simple:

go build

Should do the trick.

Running it

To run your own, you should start by copying the example configuration file "lxd-demo.yaml.example" to "lxd-demo.yaml", then update its content according to your environment.

You will either need a container to copy for every request or a container image to use, set that up and set the appropriate configuration key.

Once done, simply run the daemon with:


The daemon isn't verbose at all, in fact it will only log critical LXD errors.

You can test things with:

curl http://localhost:8080/1.0
curl http://localhost:8080/1.0/terms

The server monitors the current directory for changes to its configuration file. It will automatically reload the configuration after it's changed.

Bug reports

Bug reports can be filed at


Fixes and new features are greatly appreciated but please read our contributing guidelines first.

Contributions to this project should be sent as pull requests on github.

Support and discussions

We use the LXC mailing-lists for developer and user discussions, you can find and subscribe to those at:

If you prefer live discussions, some of us also hang out in #lxcontainers on