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package api
import (
// ContainersPost represents the fields available for a new LXD container
type ContainersPost struct {
ContainerPut `yaml:",inline"`
Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
Source ContainerSource `json:"source" yaml:"source"`
InstanceType string `json:"instance_type" yaml:"instance_type"`
// ContainerPost represents the fields required to rename/move a LXD container
type ContainerPost struct {
// Used for renames
Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
// Used for migration
Migration bool `json:"migration" yaml:"migration"`
// API extension: container_stateless_copy
Live bool `json:"live" yaml:"live"`
// API extension: container_only_migration
ContainerOnly bool `json:"container_only" yaml:"container_only"`
// API extension: container_push_target
Target *ContainerPostTarget `json:"target" yaml:"target"`
// ContainerPostTarget represents the migration target host and operation
// API extension: container_push_target
type ContainerPostTarget struct {
Certificate string `json:"certificate" yaml:"certificate"`
Operation string `json:"operation,omitempty" yaml:"operation,omitempty"`
Websockets map[string]string `json:"secrets,omitempty" yaml:"secrets,omitempty"`
// ContainerPut represents the modifiable fields of a LXD container
type ContainerPut struct {
Architecture string `json:"architecture" yaml:"architecture"`
Config map[string]string `json:"config" yaml:"config"`
Devices map[string]map[string]string `json:"devices" yaml:"devices"`
Ephemeral bool `json:"ephemeral" yaml:"ephemeral"`
Profiles []string `json:"profiles" yaml:"profiles"`
// For snapshot restore
Restore string `json:"restore,omitempty" yaml:"restore,omitempty"`
Stateful bool `json:"stateful" yaml:"stateful"`
// API extension: entity_description
Description string `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
// Container represents a LXD container
type Container struct {
ContainerPut `yaml:",inline"`
CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at" yaml:"created_at"`
ExpandedConfig map[string]string `json:"expanded_config" yaml:"expanded_config"`
ExpandedDevices map[string]map[string]string `json:"expanded_devices" yaml:"expanded_devices"`
Name string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
Status string `json:"status" yaml:"status"`
StatusCode StatusCode `json:"status_code" yaml:"status_code"`
// API extension: container_last_used_at
LastUsedAt time.Time `json:"last_used_at" yaml:"last_used_at"`
// API extension: clustering
Location string `json:"location" yaml:"location"`
// ContainerFull is a combination of Container, ContainerState and CotnainerSnapshot
// API extension: container_full
type ContainerFull struct {
Container `yaml:",inline"`
Backups []ContainerBackup `json:"backups" yaml:"backups"`
State *ContainerState `json:"state" yaml:"state"`
Snapshots []ContainerSnapshot `json:"snapshots" yaml:"snapshots"`
// Writable converts a full Container struct into a ContainerPut struct (filters read-only fields)
func (c *Container) Writable() ContainerPut {
return c.ContainerPut
// IsActive checks whether the container state indicates the container is active
func (c Container) IsActive() bool {
switch c.StatusCode {
case Stopped:
return false
case Error:
return false
return true
// ContainerSource represents the creation source for a new container
type ContainerSource struct {
Type string `json:"type" yaml:"type"`
Certificate string `json:"certificate" yaml:"certificate"`
// For "image" type
Alias string `json:"alias,omitempty" yaml:"alias,omitempty"`
Fingerprint string `json:"fingerprint,omitempty" yaml:"fingerprint,omitempty"`
Properties map[string]string `json:"properties,omitempty" yaml:"properties,omitempty"`
Server string `json:"server,omitempty" yaml:"server,omitempty"`
Secret string `json:"secret,omitempty" yaml:"secret,omitempty"`
Protocol string `json:"protocol,omitempty" yaml:"protocol,omitempty"`
// For "migration" and "copy" types
BaseImage string `json:"base-image,omitempty" yaml:"base-image,omitempty"`
// For "migration" type
Mode string `json:"mode,omitempty" yaml:"mode,omitempty"`
Operation string `json:"operation,omitempty" yaml:"operation,omitempty"`
Websockets map[string]string `json:"secrets,omitempty" yaml:"secrets,omitempty"`
// For "copy" type
Source string `json:"source,omitempty" yaml:"source,omitempty"`
// API extension: container_push
Live bool `json:"live,omitempty" yaml:"live,omitempty"`
// API extension: container_only_migration
ContainerOnly bool `json:"container_only,omitempty" yaml:"container_only,omitempty"`
// API extension: container_incremental_copy
Refresh bool `json:"refresh,omitempty" yaml:"refresh,omitempty"`
// API extension: container_copy_project
Project string `json:"project,omitempty" yaml:"project,omitempty"`
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